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I have a wide-ranging interest so, I am a Poker player, gambler, pool player, Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction, people person, in love with life, Meditation every day, Crypto en blockchain enthusiast, Blockchaingames, Live Streamer, Social Media and more.

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The Teachings of Abraham Hicks

11 May 2019 1 minute read 1 comment ADHDAVID

How to Create your Own Reality using the Law of Attraction. This story is perhaps a little esoteric for some of you. I'm going to tell you about what I've come to believe and learn over the years. This is about the Law of Attraction and the teachings...

How to meditate

7 May 2019 3 minute read 0 comments ADHDAVID

So far I've written in vague terms about meditation but that's about to change now. Again, I would like to emphasize that these texts are not for everyone. Most people have forgotten what it's like to feel great. This is hard to hear, I know, but I j...

How I began Meditating

6 May 2019 2 minute read 0 comments ADHDAVID

I know that in the eyes of other people I am a weird chap and I feel fine about this. I feel adventurous and immature. At times when I'm alone at home and think about the events of the day, I realize that I'm jumping around on this earth without much...

Meditation is Key in Life

4 May 2019 1 minute read 4 comments ADHDAVID

It may not be easy to convince someone of the value of meditation, as long as this person doesn't make the connection between how one feels and the thoughts one thinks. The thousands of thoughts we think each day are directly related to the feelings...


Particl โ€“ Using Spent Kernel To Split the Network

29 Jun 2019 art_of_bug

30 June 2019
very interesting :-) Good read!

If You Want to Bring Order to the World, First Do it For Your Own Life!

18 May 2019 shashi kumar

19 May 2019
You write>> "Having control over your own thoughts and feeling is the most important endeavor that you could undertake in your whole life." I agree, I start my day with 20 minutes meditation for years now, happy happy happy :-)

My Hearty Request.

17 May 2019 oodeyaa

17 May 2019
bolo bolo haribol

Meditation is Key in Life

4 May 2019 ADHDAVID

06 May 2019
I understand that parents have a much harder time meditating early in the day with busy children who also want attention. You could get up a 15 minutes earlier, before the kids are awake. If that really doesn't work I would try to find a moment when the kids are at school. I know, not easy with youngsters around! I wish you a beautiful day!

my story about my self

1 May 2019 thecrazygamer16

01 May 2019
You will be fine!! Have a great day!

The Potential of a Global Economic Debt Reset and My Introduction on Publish0x!

30 Apr 2019 phoneinf

30 April 2019
What kind of philosophy are you into I love the philosophy of the "teachings of Abraham" (law of attraction) Have a good one!!

Reminder: Atomic Wallet and its airdrop

15 Apr 2019 maxvikakosa

29 April 2019
Airdrop is 10 and 5 extra with code, today I installed it. And you did not mention >> "Payouts will be made only to active ETH addresses! To receive airdrop hold at least 0.1 ETH or 50 AWC on your Atomic Wallet balance at the time of the snapshot."

Juventus: Ronaldo present in Amsterdam, Chiellini and Can out

10 Apr 2019 Sam Hamou

10 April 2019
goooooo AJAX!! I predict 3-1

Champions League Picks for 10/04/19

9 Apr 2019 goldhunter1

10 April 2019
yes Ajax :-)

Brave: The Only Internet Browser You'll Ever Need

8 Apr 2019 Scott Cunningham

09 April 2019
first on uptrennd and now here :-) @dondavid

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Hi! I'm Artemio Manzon A Certified Christian Believer...


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i like crypto, online jobs is a good ways for me, i need extra money any time any where, somebody was affred to using this system but me no body can't stop me




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