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Ok, I started in May of 2019 on Publish0x not knowing what to expect.

A bit skeptical I was...


What got me right away is I liked the Publish0x concept of the slide bar, where the reader decides Tip proportions.

The now Famous Publish0x Slidebar

Then BAT showed up from Brave as a tip drop and I got really excited. 

The Basic Attention Official Logo

Sure, tips were lean at the start, not many followers on the site itself and I struggled to find a "niche" which leveraged my experience and expertise in the world of IoT, SCADA, wind engineering and how it related to crypto. Building an audience is never that easy. 

Then A FEW "light bulbs" went off.

Multiple Cool Light Bulbs

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My guiding principle?

Just be yourself. (whoever that may be on any given day, emotions included. ;)  )

We all have different faces on any given day..

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In my case that has always been 'be helpful'.  Just as you would help yourself, help others with useful information that can help them do a better job, make a better investment, be safe or protect their stores of value in the crypto space, etc.

Seven Useful Habits to become a more helpful person

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Most importantly "Stick to your Knitting", if you have certain expertise, focus, experience  or a keen new interest then "BRING IT"!  Be Brave. :)



7 TRIX for TIPS by TK

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TKs "SEVEN TRIX for TIPS" -  My Contribution to  #Publish0xTutorials :  

Write in the First Person by wikiHow


1: Write in the First Person: Speak to the audience like you would have a 'face to face' conversation right at that moment, it's what we do, after all,  quite naturally, on a daily basis. Doing so puts you and the reader at ease, I find you get more engagement as a result. It's a blog post after all, not some novel or technical paper, people only have so much time in a day, they can't ready everything :)

Hedge hog hedging with gold and bitcoin

2: Use Graphics in the BODY OF YOUR BLOG to emphasize a point you are trying to make in the following sentence or paragraph: If THE READER sort of already knows what's coming based on the picture you post preceding what you are going to talk about next, well comprehension goes WAY up, the read is faster and, THE READ can be more enjoyable, especially if there is some implied or direct humor in the pic.

Goofy in the Kitchen? Then why not when writing?

3: Let your Personality come through in your Blog:  If you are sassy, studious, detail oriented,  a bit sarcastic, coy, or like puns, etc.., then include such 'thoughts' in your blog and post. Sometimes the 'elephant in the room" needs to be talked about, in 'straight talk', maybe with some additional prose in your own style. If you have a certain look you like, incorporate 'that look' or 'feel' into your blog post banner heading graphic. It's your style and a big part of your 'brand'. Let that personality come through in the "title of your post", and your "sign off" at the end of the post.

Tossed Salad from

4: Mix it up. Write Short posts, Mid-sized posts and Long posts: Keep the reader guessing "What's this author up to next?".  Keep your followers from having their  "eyes glaze over" seeing the same format day after day, week after week. Also try to change the topic focus, change the perspective, change the tone, sometime serious, sometimes just fun, even changing the tone a few times within the blog helps to make the read more enjoyable.

Breaking News Wiki commons style orange

5. Add in some "Breaking News" to keep your Followers up to date on those BIG crypto Events: It's exciting times in crypto land, and very early in the "awareness, education and adoption" phases of "blockchain" tech adoption. Literally every day something new is happening, so dish it up, and please take a stance on it, we all have opinions, humans are generally smart, and can sort out whether or not they agree or disagree.

Not everyone will agree with your opinion and, that's their problem...

6. Be Bold. Investment Advice based on "IMO" is a good thing to include: It means you "put your money where your mouth is" and most people respect that (those that don't respect your opinion are probably in the "emerging enemy" category, or 'enemies in the shadows', ) : No one knows for sure what is going to happen with different technologies in terms of rate of adoption and size of the adoption audience, that said, we all have hunches based on our own research. Don't be afraid to share your 'hunch', just back it up with good reasoning. Waffling is not a good idea,, as well not many folks likes a "flip-flopper", so be consistent, and if you made a mistake in the past, then own it and don't be afraid to talk about it in a "reflection post", we all have been there done that.  Doing so helps everyone be better and what they are interested in. :)

The iconic

7.  Include Lots of Useful Links in the 'Body of the Blog': Not everyone is going to be familiar with the acronyms, idioms and colloquialisms of crypto and your specialty, focus or passion, so help them out, expand on the 'arcane' with clear descriptions and good links to reputable sources, and when it makes sense give the source a "Shout Out" whether it be text, graphics, or video, they did the work which supports your blog, so give them lots of credit, and don't be repetitive, keep the reference useful by adding your own views and/or 'colour commentary', and most of all "serve up" some praise where praise is due!

I hope these SEVEN #TRIX for TIPS help out.

Good Blogging!

TK over and out!


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50% Big Losses on Power Grid EveryWhere! The Fix.

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