Do We Get Fooled Again during the next Currency Heist Reset


Which side of the Global Currency Reset will you be on?

There is no win/win formula for the upcoming Global Currency Reset, be sure of that while investing. 

Given the 'financial" reserve math and related fiat settlement systems are rigged for central bank cadre cronies to  profit immensely,

Make no mistake, the Global Currency Reset roll-out is in process, today, so it's time for all crypto investors to get ready  by investing in metals now while the price is right.

The obvious, "up front"  tip is: expect the big bond, real estate and stock bubbles to collapse, rapidly when the new systems of central bank digital currencies gets rolled out, very quickly. Fear always trumps greed, so it's time to adjust your positions downward slowly in those bubbles, shifting your stores of value into both metals and crypto via the fiat faucet.

That faucet by the way, backed with massive printing of fiat from the central banks is the "Grand Heist" operating in real time to steal your buying power, the "side of the fence", you will want to be on is metals, which is where every single one of the central banks is on.

Keep in mind the US FED values gold on their books at US $41.00 or "there abouts", per troy ounce, and the US have TWO Trillion US $  in paper fiat  currency circulating world wide, which suggests a 100% gold reserve, backing of a new digital currency, would require the Gold price to be north of US $8000.00, about a 4X multiplier given the current price. That said , expect "funny monkey business" in how all Central Banks set the reserve for the new digital currency in each country, which could see the reserve ratio adjusted to something less than 100%, which will drop the multiple "adjustment" you can expect from Gold, Silver, BTC and ETH  prices, once the Currency Reset "dust settles"  likely later in 2021, or early 2022.

When Reset? Do I Stay or Do I Go?

What we know for sure is the first leading indicator of the  Currency System Reset has been put in motion:

1st Mover China, has "trial ballooned" their PoC  for Central Bank Digital Currency via a lottery distribution of Yuan 2M to 20,000 randomly selected citizens last week, to be spent on some govt selected(restricted) transactions (licensing fees and taxes?). Expect more of the same coming across the globe from central banks everywhere. The big point to notice here is the Left leaning MSM  CNBC post on this. 

The big question is how long will it take for the Currency Reset to be effectively put in place? I would expect the US to move quickly on this now that the US Treasury has full oversight of the US Federal Reserve (probably like two pigs under a blanket wrestling for the same item, it's likely not pretty "under the hood").

My guest-i-mate at this point given the upcoming US fall elections, regardless of the winner, is the US citizen could see a new digital currency airdrop into their newly issued Fed Reserve govt. debit card by the last half of 2021, just in time for Black October and the Holiday Shop and, more importantly to the government, just in time to auto-deduct the US Citizen and Small business taxes instantly once the citizen or small business files their tax report online.

Now if that aint "1984 or Animal Farm", I don't know what is. Thank goodness MIT will solve all our problems. Not. ;)

Who to Trust?- Getting a fair rate when transferring Stores of Value, Crypto 2 Metal

Here are a few liquidity options crypto investors have to "hedge" against risk of different  asset classes collapsing, more or less. Generally the reputation ranking of both is on the rise as being quality online places to do business, given my own research, however do your own homework before engaging,     An easy one to adopt if you hold Bitcoin, instant liquidity with Swiss Vaults, 100% reserve and delivery.   American Fiat  Priced Metal via  Debit/Credit Card , Wire, Paypal and even Bitcoin with a 3% discount.  Will buy Metal as well

The above are well known to North American crypto investors and some European Investors.


Now for the Google Search Candidates,  proceed with caution, just stuff I found on the web, no endorsement on my part:

"First Fold" SEO Return Listings: Google Search "Cryptocurrency gold buy sell"    A Plethora of Buy options in Fiat  for Bitcoin, USA, China, India, Russia Buy options for Bitcoin , NYC & EStonian Founders, transparency of who these people are is not clear at first glance at the website, buy/sell BTC options include Bank Transfer, PayPal, Western Union, ANY Credit/Debit Card, Intetrac e-Transfer, Interac, Online and lots of qualification 'hoops' filters which can be applied to reduce the options to what you can actually do...

Being located in the GWN "Great White North" , the SEO engine for pops up a "First Fold" link, where not much of these posts have anything to do with crypto 2 metal conversion, the focus largely being fiat 2 crypto conversion (thank you google(not) ):  , A scan of the page presented and the following links pop up to crypto sources for DAI and of course BTC and ETH etc... which tells me these crypto outlets clearly have their online "mojo" going : "Where Canadians buy and sell digital currency." Ok they got me, a few more details and the coin offer is limited they want all your banking details and all buys occur via your bank: Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Bitcoin Cash XRP (Ripple) Stellar (XLM) EOS  has been around awhile   Same goes for kraken, one of the earliest exchanges known to be well managed...

And it goes on and on.... so lots of options on the above main link via ... which frankly I did not expect to find on the "First Fold".


Hedge, Hedge, Hedge- Managing your risk "curve"

Personally, Silver has a bigger upside versus Gold in the face of the Global Currency Reset now in process, but only if the governments of the USA and UK  ever decides to "restructure" how Silver is actually "papered on their respective commodity markets. 

Gold most definitely will become part of and mostly the reserve for the new digital currencies now under construction, being readied for launch over the next year or so.

How Bitcoin, crypto's most venerable "store of value" makes out as a multiple increase in value during the reset is anyone's guess. Personally and take it for what it is worth, based on my own research, Bitcoin is likely to track within +20 or -20 percent of where the price of gold ends up being multiplied, with silver, if unchained being a 2X to 4X the multiple of gold. 

An #Ethereum Currency Reset Multiple is anyone's guess at the moment. If Ethereum 2.0 actually surfaces before the Global Current Reset  @ scale in early 2021, then I would expect the #ETH multiple to be close to that of #BTC during the reset. Otherwise expect something lower.

It's the ole' "look over here while, I do this over there" game,

some of us, heeding the advice above, "we won't get fooled again".

That's all for now and be safe, so "#facediaper up" (not) 

Cuz the MSM is tellin' us all the Batman magical WUFLU is everywhere in a second wave   ;)

The word on the street in the EU is the above is really all "distraction" nonsense. Now you know why it is so.

TK over and out 




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50% Big Losses on Power Grid EveryWhere! The Fix.
50% Big Losses on Power Grid EveryWhere! The Fix.

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