What makes a good friend? May 3rd - May 7th

By evgenima | School Journal | 7 May 2021


May 3rd: What make a good friend? Think about one of your friends and think about why you get along? How are you a good friend?

Good friends share with each other, are kind to each other and they help each other.

I get along with my friends by playing with them, talking with them and telling funny stories.

I am a good friend by sharing, being kind and playing kindly.



May 4th: What if you could bring an animal to school? What would you bring? Why would you bring it? How would the day look like with your animal?

Uhm I would never bring an animal or pet to school only if it was a pet day.

If it was a pet day I would bring my dog Charlie or my dog Daisy but Charlie doesn't really have good manners especially when he's around people.

I would only bring it if it is a pet day😂.

If I brought Daisy, the day would look like her just jumping on the other kids and then after a while, she's going to be sleeping on my laps.

IF I BROUGHT CHARLIE... The day would look like him just jumping crazily on the other kids and when he's around people he pees... and he would never stop jumping on the other kids and I'll have to tie Charlie's leash on my desk and same for Daisy but I do distance learning so I don't really have a desk😂.



May 5th: Pick any animal you want and talk about it without telling me what the animal actually is. Describe what it looks like, how it acts, and what it eats.

The animal that I chose has spots on it, it is not a very fast runner, it climbs trees, it is a carnivore, it eats gazelles, sheep, goats and monkeys.

When prey is near and the animal is on the tree it pounces on its prey.

The second animal I chose can be in many different colors, is very good at climbing trees, can jump from tree to tree, has a long tail.

It kind of represents me, they are a herbivore, eat roots, insects, fruits and herbs.

The third animal I chose has hoves, can walk, trot, gallop and canter, they come in many different breeds, my favorite breed is a Friesian. They mostly eat hay and other plants, they are a herbivore.

The forth animal I chose has paws, has a big coat, usually hunts at night, is a carnivore, has sharp teeth, can run fast, howls, eats whatever it finds.



May 6th: If you could make a box of 12 crayons what colors would you have? Why did you pick those colors?

The 12 crayons I would make are 6 pastel, and the other 6 would have neon tones.

The colors that are in the pastel section will have pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, red, and green.

The colors in the neon section will have the same colors in the pastel section.

I picked these colors because they are all my favorite colors (but green isn't really my favorite color) also black and white are my favorite colors but if you try to make black or white pastel or neon, they will still be the same.

Well there kind is a pastel black but people usually call pastel black dark grey or just grey.




May 7th : Free Write Friday! Write about whatever you want just has to be 5 sentences!

Do you speak Russian or Spanish or at least a little bit of both languages?

If not, I can speak both languages but I know only a little bit.

So hello in Russian is Привет (Pri-vet), Yes in Russian is Да (Da), No - in Russian is Нет.

You might probably know what hello is in Español (Spanish) so I'm just going to skip that. Anyways how are you in Spanish is Cómo estás and the in Spanish is el or la, Spain in Spanish is España.

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I am trying to understand what is all that about. However I know the Truth is only One.

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