September 8th-11th

By evgenima | School Journal | 27 Mar 2021

September 8th: Think of something kind you could do for another person today, what is that kind thing? Who would you want to do something kind for? Why did you pick this person?

I would clean my room.

I would do it for my mom.

I picked my mom because she is always near me and she doesn’t have a job.

My mom has to stay home with me because my dad is always at work when I am in school.

My mom says that it would be very kind for her if I work hard.



September 9th: What is your favorite time of the year, summer, spring, fall, or winter? Why do you like this time? What are somethings you see during this time outside?

I like winter.

I like winter because of there is Christmas in December, I also like watching the snow fall and I like playing in the snow.

I see a lot of snow and icicles.

It is funny when we take one of my dog out she just wants to go back inside well because she is a Yorkshire Terrier and Yorkshire terriers don’t like cold weather.

But my other dog just likes to hop/run and play in the snow.



September 10th: What is something that you enjoy to do when you are outside? Do you play with other people in your family? Do you play with your animals?

What I like to do outside is climbing, riding bike and riding electric scooter.

I play with my pets outside like: running and my dog chasing me, running and chasing my dog, playing tag, and playing hide and seek. Sometimes I play hide and seek with my mom.

As well I play with my friend neighbors.

Also I like to go to the river with my friend.



September 11th: Have you been on vacation? Where did you go, and what was your favorite part?

Yes I have been on vacation last year in fall break on October, 2019.

I went to the coast of California.

My favorite part was going to the beach/ocean.

And also I was sick that time and I couldn't swim in the water so I had to play in the sand.

As well I was running and my dog was chasing me.

And I went to an aquarium and saw a lot of types of sea creatures.

I even saw dolphins!

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