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Do you know how to do a perfect handstand?

By evgenima | School Journal | 30 Apr 2021


April 28th: If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be? It can be something magical and or made up. Please describe the animal. What would you name the animal? Why do you like this animal ? 

If I could have any pet in the world I would get an alicorn (a unicorn with wings). 

I want the alicorn to have a white coat and wings, golden hoves and horn and pink, blue and purple main and tail. 

I would name the alicorn Skye, Sparkle or Cupcake. 

I like alicorns because they are a unicorn with wings, they can fly and they are magical. 

Another pet I would like to have is a Pomeranian puppy. 

I want the Pomeranian puppy's fur to be a little peachy colored fur. 

I would name the Pomeranian puppy Ash. 

I like Pomeranians because they are so fluffy even though they shed but they are still very cute. 


April 29th: What is your favorite board game? Why is this your favorite board game? Who do you like playing with? 

My favorite board game is checkers. 

Checkers is my favorite because it's the only board game I know how to play. 

I like playing checkers with my mom. 

I usually play checkers on the table because my dogs could chew the checkers up. 

I don’t really play checkers very often because I always loose. 


April 30th: Free write Friday , write about whatever you want just make sure you write 5 sentences.  

Do you know how to do a perfect handstand?  

If not, here's how you do it. 

If your just starting to do a handstand, start by going in like a mountain climber position like when your doing P.E. but if your right handed, put your right leg in front of your left leg if your left handed, put your left leg in front of your right leg then, push both legs up and try to do a handstand. 

When you did a perfect handstand on the floor, now try to do it how people who know how to do a handstand like starting from your feet. 

Then when you did that perfectly, the next step is to hold yourself up for as long as you can. 

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