Daily Journal of 4th Grader. March 29th - April 2nd

By evgenima | School Journal | 2 Apr 2021


March 29th: How was your spring break ? Tell me about all the things you did? 

My spring break was good and after St. Patrick's Day it was my dog's birthday. 

On St. Patrick's Day I had a playdate with my friend. 

Last week's Friday I went to the park with my neighbor friends. 

Also on Saturday I went to the park with my neighbor friends again. 

Yesterday I went to Portola and the lake was still frozen also the lake was closed but we walked on the snow and my foot fell deep in the snow and my socks were soaking wet. 

Also my sister in New York got the corona virus but she got through the corona virus right after the virus started when she was in Italy so she should be fine. 


March 30th: What is something you wanted to do but didn’t get to?  

One thing that I wanted to do is to go to Monterey and Carmel because I saw jellyfish and seals at Monterey, and at Carmel I saw dolphins. 

The second thing I wanted to do is go to King's Beach because I haven't been there for a long time. 

The third thing I wanted to do is to get new clothes for Jui Jit Zui because I am running out of them because I'm giving my small ones to my friend. 


March 31st: Now that the weather is nice , what are some of your favorite things to do outside? 

When the weather is nice, I like to go outside and climb on whatever I see. 

Also I can ride my bike and crash into Charlie because Charlie always cuts me off and I almost crash into him but I stop or I turn left or right to get out of his way. 

When the weather is nice, I like to go to the park with my neighbor friends. 

I like to go to the dog park at San Rafael and chase my dogs. 

When the pool is open at our apartment, I would go to the pool every day. 


April 1st: How is your year going so far? What are somethings that you have done this year that is cool? What are some goals you have this year? 

My year is going good so far. 

In 2019 my dad surprised me with a puppy and it was Charlie. 

Charlie was so small that time then today, HE IS SO BIG even though he is a miniature poodle he's even bigger than Daisy but he's only 1 in a half years old and Daisy is 5. 

My goals this year is to turn 9 years old faster 😂.  

I'm just kidding my goal this year is to do a perfect handstand and maybe even walking while I'm doing the handstand and also my other goal this year is to do... CONTORTION...well it's not really my goal because I'm not even close to be doing it. 


April 2: Free Write Friday! Write about whatever you want just has to be 5 sentences! 

On Wednesday at Jui Jit Zui, I was warming up how I normally do there. 

Then, we got our boxing gloves then we punched the punching bag with the normal and easiest combo for me which is jab, cross, hook, cross. 

Then, I did pull-ups, pushups and squats. 

After doing that, I did a new combo which is also easy for me which is jab, kick. 

Then, we did sprinting across the room, then someone pushed me then I fell down and broke my leg. 

I'm just kidding I didn’t break my leg I just hurt it. 

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