April 20th - April 23d

By evgenima | School Journal | 24 Apr 2021

April 20th: What are 3 things you love about yourself? Why is that your favorite?

One thing I love about myself is that I can climb a lot of things like a monkey 🐒🐵.

The second thing I love about myself is that I'm strong 💪.

The third thing I love about myself is that I'm alive 😂🤣.

They are my favorite because I am a climber, I am strong and I am alive AND I'M A MONKEY🐒🐵.

One thing I don’t like about myself is that I'm so bad at doing front walkovers and front hand springs.



April 21st: How is your week going? What have you done that has been fun? What is something you want to do this week? What is something you wish you did not have to do this week?

My week is going good.

The fun thing I did this week is I talked to my new best friends on Skype and I played Roblox with them after school.

The thing I want to do this week is to go to Kings Beach.

The thing I wish I did not have to do this week is to sleep because I'm never tired well I do get tired sometimes😐😑😴.

After school I'm going to go to Jui Jit Zui to see my new best friends and maybe after Jui Jit Zui we'll call each other and play Roblox or something.



April 22nd: What is something you are really good at? How can you teach someone to be as good as you at that thing? What is something you are not very good at? How can you get better?

I am really good at doing handstands, cartwheels and round – offs.

To teach my friends how to do handstands is I guess is to hold their feet up when they are trying to do it.

I am bad at training my dogs because they never follow my commands 😑.

I can get better by training my dogs every day.



April 23rd: Free Write Friday ! Write about whatever you want it just has to be 5 sentences. You can even make up a sentence.

Do you know how to train your dog's how to speak/communicate with you?

If not, here's how you do it.

Step #1: grab your dog's favorite treat.

Step #2: hold the treat up over your dog.

Step #3: wait until your dog whines or barks.

Step #4: when your dog whines or barks, give the treat to them.

Step #5: grab another treat and do the same thing all over again until your dog can speak without training!

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I am trying to understand what is that all about. However I know the Truth is only One.

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