Splinterlands: Win More in Bronze with These Rentals

By GiantKiller | 2pPressStart | 15 Aug 2021


In my first article on Splinterlands (note: this link contains my referral code), I talked about some great starter cards to purchase. Since the time of its publication, however, the prices on most of these cards have increased significantly (a chicken, which was a $1.00 card at the time, is now around $15.00, for example). More importantly, Splinterlands has integrated a card rental system into its marketplace, so players can rent cards within the game without having to dive into hive-engine and use third-party sites (this was a great idea and should've come a lot sooner, in my opinion).

Given the recent spike in DEC prices, it is much more worthwhile to farm DEC through wins, even in bronze and silver leagues. These rentals will help you on your way to more wins and piles of DEC. Also, keep in mind you can rent cards with Credits or DEC. In a time like now where there are no packs available for credits, renting cards with credits can be a great way to invest money in the game without having to go through crypto exchanges to buy DEC.

Part 1: Renting Summoners

This Article will cover the best Summoners to rent to get ahead in Bronze League. We're going to leave aside Legendary Summoners for now, because they're amazing but also incredibly expensive to buy or rent, and not always the best choice in low-mana-cap games. So we'll limit our discussion to Rare Summoners only. Accordingly, this will also function as a who's-who list of the best Rare Summoners in the game.

Keep in mind Bronze league caps Rare summoners at Level 2. This leaves you with level caps for your monsters of Lvl.3 Commons, Lvl.2 Rares, Lvl.1 Epics, and Lvl.1 Legendaries. I'll give some suggestions on monsters here and there as we go, and we'll talk more about the best monsters to rent to use with these Summoners in the next article.



Mylor Crowling. This grinning green-haired gentleman grants the Thorns ability to your entire team. Thorns is an absolute beast in lower levels where monster health is generally lower and melee attacks are quite prevalent. The amount of damage Mylor's thorns will output over the course of a game will sometimes be greater than your monsters' attacks. Against melee-heavy lineups (i.e. a bunch of sneakers and opportunists), Mylor can single-handedly win you games, to the point where all you really need to do is faceroll your highest-health goons into the lineup and watch the show. Renting a level 2 is best (because then you can fit in a L3 self-healing Flesh Golem, which we'll discuss in the next article), but kind of pricey. A level 1 will honestly suffice for most matches.


Alric Stormbringer This beardy fellow provides +1 magic damage to your whole team. Let's start out with the fact that magic damage is generally the best damage. It ignores armor, and void and magic reflect are both scarce in Bronze. Then let's note that in early levels, most cheap magic attackers are spitting out one damage apiece. With those things in mind, it's pretty easy to see why a summoner who massively increases the damage output (doubling it in the case of 1-magic attackers) of the best type of damage in the game at low levels is extremely strong. "Magic Gun Line" is one of the most common archetypes for a reason. Rent this guy at Level 2, line up your best magic users behind a L3 Sea Monster, and profit.


Malric Inferno. This burning sensation gives your whole team +1 Melee Attack. Just like his similarly-named blue friend, Malric is great at low levels because +1 Melee is comparatively huge when most attackers have just 1 or 2 attack base. Rent this guy at L2 so you can stack up a L2 Lava Golem and Fineas rage, followed by some L3 opportunists like Serpentine Spy, Battering Ram, and Parasitic Growth.


Lorna Shine. Lorna shines at low levels for the pure staying power her Divine Shield gives your squishy back-liners. Combine her with a Truthspeaker and an Armorsmith for near-ridiculous levels of survivability (2-3 attacks to kill a 0-cost chicken? Yes please). Rent her at L2, and stack some defensive buffers/healers behind a L2 Silvershield Paladin or Shieldbearer, and then fill the remaining 2 slots with White/Life's amazing sneakers (Silvershield Assassin and Feral Spirit) or ranged-attackers (Peacebringer, Evangelist, Air Elemental).


Owster Rotwell. In addition to being a master-tightrope-walker, Owster gives your entire team Magic Reflect. Remember earlier when I said that Magic Reflect was scarce at low levels? Also remember earlier when I said "Magic Gun-Line" is one of the most common archetypes you'll face? Rent this guy at Level 2, stack up some beefy boys (Shadowy Presence, Marrow's Ghost, Animated Corpse, etc.) behind a L2 Bone Golem and/or Haunted Spirit. Then watch those typically low-health magicians magick themselves right off the board in a battle that will sound a lot like you're fishing with a plugged-in toaster (not recommended).

And that's all for now. What are your thoughts on these low level summoners? If you liked this article, or had some success with one of these at my suggestion, please leave me a heart/like/thumbs up/upvote/tip, and consider following me for more Splinterlands shenanigans in the future. Thank you so much for reading, and happy hunting!

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