Financial Goals 2021 - I Hope Better than 2020

By chorock | 2F Finance and Future | 3 Jan 2021

Here is a post of my 2021 financial goals. 2020 was one the worst year for my financial situation. Turkish Goverment did output tax liability for Youtube previous years income. I tried for this all year.
I also invested in a technology company in Istanbul Stock Exchange. I was one of my worst investing in my life. I did put my all money and lost 20%.


I also tried to make passive income by crypto curriencies. I invested DCity, Farmfarmer, mythical games. I have also more than 30K Hive Power, Steem Power. I am late for LEO investing but I began. I had also lots of altcoin instead of Bitcoin :/

I hope 2021 will be better!

Here is my financial goals for 2021.

I think there will be a food crisis in 2021 due to global warming. I think it will be a more important problem than covid.

I focused to make passive incomes. I am trying to develop my strategy.

First of all I will invest in Istanbul Stock Exchange for frozen food company. First time I see a year with so little rain in Turkey. Food can take a very important position from now on. So I invested in one of Turkey's largest food company, therefore.

Here is weekly chart of Kerevitas which I invested. I am waiting to break downtrend which coming from 9 years ago! If it breaks It can make big pump! I invested this company my main money!

a65fb6f7131bd11507a1c835700b2e8416bb3241941a60ce883f2977bc2e7961.pngI will be on Hive more than 10 years. I dont think to decrease my Hive Power. I am waiting for Steem pump to sell them. I am trying to increase my LEO power to make passive income. My blockchain games (splinterlands, Dcity, farmfarmer, myhtical etc) will improve. I tried to make them for passive income and here the chart of my passive incomes.


I have also Youtube channel and make 10 USD per day. I will try to improve my channel to make 30 USD per day! I hope I will do it in short time!

I am mechanical engineer for full time job. I am at sales for System Air Conditioners named as VRF. I am not happy in my job. I did not get promoted this year. I am also not satisfied with my salary. So, My passive income strategy is so important for my life! I hope I will do it! If I make 100 USD per day from passive income, I will not work more!

I hope 2021 will be great. Everyone will achieve their financial goals!



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