2019 Best (Micro)-Tasks dApps for Earning Crypto

2019 Best (Micro)-Tasks dApps for Earning Crypto

Coinbase Earn

Coinbase is probably the most trusted Exchange out there. They recently launched a new program call Coinbase Earn where you can learn about different currencies and earn 66$ (by April 8th, 2019) for answering skill-testing quizzes. All you need is a Coinbase Account and be accepted after signing up for the waiting list.

Bounties Campaigns

Several projects offer attractive early adapter rewards for using their platform. Some of my favorites are:

  • My go-to site is Bounties Network. You need Metamask installed and a tiny bit of ether in your wallet in order to submit your work. Bounties are available from easy tasks where you earn 1$ for filling out surveys up to very complex and time-consuming bounties that pay 1000$+.
  • Origin Protocol: Create a verified account on their decentralized marketplace. (You need Metamask installed with some ether stored in the wallet)
  • Lolli: Install Browser Plugin and shop in one of the partnered shops and get part of the commission back in Bitcoin. This can be up to double-digit percentage discount! Some of these shops are SONOS, Samsung, Walmart etc.
  • Bounty0x: Many social media tasks.
  • Publish0x: Create a blog or write articles.
  • Refereum: watching videos and streamers playing games and earn REF tokens. Or stream yourself your gaming.
  • Earn.com: This is another website for completing micro tasks. This site has not that many tasks ever since it has been acquired by Coinbase.
  • Gitcoin: Fix issues on Github and get paid for it. (most tasks require programming skills)
  • Insights Network: Answer questions and earn INSTAR (token on the EOS blockchain)
  • Meme faucet: describe images in short sentences and earn BANANOs (not very lucrative).
  • Steemit: Take part in discussions or post funny GIFs. You can earn crypto for providing good content.

Referral Program

There are many exchanges or projects that offer rewards for referring new people to their application. If you want to support me, check out these links, where you can create an account and generate your own referral link:


Staking is the process of locking up some of your Crypto in order to secure the network by confirming transactions. Here is a list of staking coins: https://www.investinblockchain.com/best-proof-of-stake-coins/

Airdrops (be aware of scams!)

There are a ton of new projects that offer tokens to new users that sign up for their platform or their ICO. But be aware that there are many scams out there!

To find legit airdrops go to one of these sites:

These two platforms almost always list the same airdrops.

Faucets (not very lucrative)

This is more for getting a feel for a certain currency and not for making a lot of money.

Work-free Faucets:

Mining Faucets:

Here is an overview of other faucets.

This list is by far not complete. Please let me know your favorite way of earning some extra tokens, so I can add them to the list :)

2019 Best Bounty Applications
2019 Best Bounty Applications

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