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Do you have a favourite app of all time? Maybe, as with books and records, most normal people (remember them?) don't really have a favourite app (computer application) of all time but I do have a strong attachment to my Scrapbook journal.

It's actually a micro-application really, an in-browser app... what are they called? On Firefox which it... well, it was on the Firefox browser... On Firefox these apps are called Add-ons. So definitely my favourite Firefox Add-on of all time. And Mozilla Firefox is a good browser or was - so good Google pinched its design for their own version (Chrome). But yes, the original application was called Scrapbook and then there was Scrapbook Plus which was good and then it just went and is, sadly, no longer available.

Scrapbook was a note-taking app or Add-On, designed not for writing text-based notes but for saving html pages (in other words a bookmarks collection thing, a bit like Pocket maybe or just Bookmarks). But I always used it for just writing notes and storing those notes. And I still do, in fact, offline on a no longer updated old version of Firefox called Waterfox.

Note-taking apps are probably like paper notebooks. People have their own likings for stationery supplies - lined or plain, A4 or A5, all that - and note-taking apps are no different. Evernote came along at one point and I did quite like Evernote. Sometimes on Windows I use Simplenote (by WordPress developers Automattic) which I have come to like but it limits how much it will accept in one note which is frustrating. Scrapbook was, it says here in my notes somewhere, "beautiful and simple."

Are you still reading or did I lose you paragraphs ago? So, great Add-on application as Scrapbook was, this post is a sort of introduction to my personal notebook. Here's a picture of Scrapbook. On the left of the picture below you can see my six central domains for my computing and cataloguing set-up (plus my everyday Journal).


These six areas of my computing match those of the documents saved to my filesystem and to my bookmarks on Firefox.



But today I'm introducing my Scrapbook. There are 11,480 notes I've stored in this mini-application and I think they will come in really useful for writing articles on Publish0x. There's a lot of information stored here. Plus it even has its own search facility. So I can look and see what I've written about Elton John say. Sort of. A lot of references to 'The Great Book-Collectors' by Charles and Mary Elton (1893) - great book as it goes; a fantastic read. So er... do quotes work around "Elton John"? Yes! The Art of Barbie. That sounds like the man.

Pianos belonging to Sir Elton John were auctioned in the Entertainment sale at Bonhams, Knightsbridge on 18 June 2008. And The Art of Barbie is a book (published 2000) displaying interpretations of Barbie from the leading lights of art and fashion commissioned to raise funds for Sir Elton John's Aids Foundation. Going further (onto Google) here's presumably Elton's own Barbie design. I'm a fan of the singer. Elton has always understood that being uncool is the coolest way to be and his Barbie doll excels at this look, doesn't she?

Elton with his Barbie Doll

I'm sorry I've picked on Elton for my arbitrary archival search into my Scrapbook. Let me not think of Charles Dickens or Horatio Nelson but let me think of a woman and one from a different country. Yayoi Kusama? Queen Njinga? Nzinga it says here... the search raises nothing for either in my archives (African Queens - new series documenting Queens of Africa's history). What about Yayoi? Oh dear. Nothing for her. Any Anitas in my archive? Yes, quite a lot...

Santa Anita... American racecourse
Anita Zabludowicz - art collector
Anita Pallenberg - friend of Ossie Clark
and Anita Brookner - novelist (seen here)


Oh we get a link to Morrissey in my archives here. Moz turning on the charm on The One Show. Anita Rani is the Anita reference (the TV presenter sat next to Steven). Worth a watch. From 13 years ago when "for a lot of people, they don't think £60 a week's a lot of money." Of course it's all different now. 13 years later what they are talking about pays out about £80 a week which, yeah, doesn't seem like a lot of money to a lot of people. Very true. I'll get my ten cents from this post I reckon.

First Anita to top the UK pop charts was (I think) Anita Ward in 1979 with the pretty classy Ring my Bell.


Er... Anita Pallenberg... friend of Ossie Clark, friend of the Rolling Stones was she? Yes, very close friend. Born in Rome in 1942, died in Chichester, West Sussex in 2017 (aged 75). She studied fashion and textiles at St Martins College, that's where I...


This article has been quite high on camp which is probably the way I'm feeling tonight and is fine. I'm a bit woozy (not under the influence however). A bit sneezy actually; it's a cold.

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Returned to Publish0x which has treated me well in the past. And enjoying writing on various subjects in a vaguely anonymous capacity. I'm nearly 50 years old. Music is a passion but there's also horse racing, books, film and oh dear... crypto.

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