1BTC Project - March Recap.

By 1BTC Project | 1BTC | 1 Apr 2023

March, as anticipated brought much opportunity and success. I spent a good amount of analog currency but still came out ahead. Kukoin dropped off as I don't stake anything there any more. Binance keeps trucking. Coin app is king and Cointiply is a big helpful add. This month I spent money to make money though but still my ACB is below my book value. 



Value Gained: $45.94 USDT

Funds Added: $53.17 USDT

Top 5 Earners



Last month was slow. This month was very fast. I made my first COIN to XYO swap on the 1st of March. I made a total of 3 swaps this month, my most active month ever. The big change this month was paying to play. This was my first month paying for a boosted plan. It was also my first time using the Temporary Boost feature

Even with all the activity the boosts provided, this was still a losing trade. I did spend some COIN token in the app for Geoclaiming. Which left a lot of XYO on the table. I am going to pay for the boost for additional months because every successive month you pay for the account you gain a 1% discount on swaps with a max of 5%.

I think I may have a new strategy to make the Geoclaiming look more appealing.

I do want to run more tests of the Temporary boosts. I think that with the sound ads and a more advantageous swap rate I think this will become a better trade. Currently it is a lot of effort for not a lot of progress. 

At the end of the month I had 13,000 COIN ready to swap. I just have to make it through the waiting period. 



This was a big addition. I added Cointiply to my daily rotation. Between the Faucet and the PTC ads, you can easily turn this into a monthly income line item. The key to this platform is consistency. If you can commit to performing atleast one action daily, you will find success with Cointply. I would have made more on this platform if I wasn't such a sucker for the multiplier game.

I think it would be a fair estimate to say that making $10 USDT per month on Cointiply is within the realm of possibility.

I have been sending the LTC that I withdraw off the Cointiply platform to my Coinbase account. Once the withdrawal is complete I have been converting the LTC to XYO so that my daily HODL reward in the COIN app continues to increase. That sentence makes sense I swear. 



Having several token churning out daily APY in the back ground is great.

Stacks keeps rocking. Its spot price is almost about 100% higher than it was two months ago. With the higher spot price, the BTC reward is also higher.

I am getting impatient with the smaller coins like ALGO and MDX. I may just roll them into BNB to simplify my life. AXS making 10% APY is ok. I really hope the marketcap catches a lift to make the APY more impactful. 


Shake Pay

In the beginning of the month the floor dropped out for the Bitcoin spot price. When huge violent moves happen its alright to spend some gun powder. My cost base is so low due to all the free crypto I have accumulated that I don't mind catching a falling knife. I saw an opportunity and deployed a bit of analog currency. I chose to use Shake Pay for the purchase as I had the $5 USDT in BTC from the reward last month. I added to the position. 




I wrote a lot more than I usually do this month, no real idea why. Cointiply, Stacks, and Noise Social were the top subjects. 

One of the benefits of the larger than normal spend on COIN was that I got to write two articles about how the Temporary Boost performed during my road trip. I think it was a worth while experiment. I get to perform again a few more times in May during two road trips home. The response from the articles about the Temporary Boost made the Temporary Boost worth while.

I also started a second blog. That is more a depository of tips and tricks to surviving in financial services. I wanted to write a book about all the other skills and strategies I have learned, developed and used to get to a point in my career that I don't feel like I am drowning. I hope to eventually package this into a book. This blog will probably never make much money, but I find it fun and its better to dump it here than in some file that will disappear the next time switch computers. 

Topics to look forward to

  • Twitter
  • Bitcoin Miner

A step forward, no matter how small, is still a step forward. 

Stay positive and keep building. 

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Pi Mining App:  https://ca01.z.antigena.com/l/bUNT-vWyii82KEHdfPLA_kH40aUpos9HwKZTcpIYol_txtCGcEN5d~m~QtzH6vvBtAf239EQnQcfcbFnP-gxbkKcbQoPqbKKCmNXOs~9TtIiA8EWN8p_MWUo-wwoyeAyyA-ZcQeKs2ipyNDfTX9Qr7t7~lNq__3DlRub





Shake Pay


Keep building!

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