1BTC Project - COIN app is the Temporary Boost worth it? Experiment 2

By 1BTC Project | 1BTC | 22 Mar 2023

On Saturday I tried out the Temporary Boost and it seems that it is a wash. But one data point is not quite enough. I recreated the experiment because I had to drive home anyways.

On attempt 1 I paid $0.99 USDT to make an estimated $0.90 USDT.

This was the starting point for experiment 2. 3,281 COIN.

I am only testing the mining boost so I turned off my phones volume. So I did not get any sound ad revenues.

We stopped for a pit stop and I took a screen shot to measure my progress. I also paid 150 COIN to Geoclaim in the area. I also claimed 50 more on the high way. I know this is un scientific but I got greedy. Forgive me.


So almost have half way through my drive and my Temporary Boost I was up 829.63 COIN. (the difference between these two + 150).

Then after about an hour I noticed my phone was shut, and I wasn't mining. It unclear how long I was inactive. Annoying but such is life.

Finally I arrived home and grabbed another screen shot.


4617.02 COIN (+200 from spent geoclaims) after a 5 hour drive.Most of that was with the Temporary Boost. 1 hour was with the Plus account and NFC Boost rate. 

4817.02 - 3281.04 = 1,535.04 COIN from experiment 2.

I need to add a caviot that I am in my first most of my Plus Account. You get a deeper discount on redemptions when you string multiple paid months together. A 5% discount on redemptions would make these numbers more appealing.

The Temporary Boost costs $0.99 USDT

The Temporary Boost mined 1,535.04 COIN (stacked onto of a plus account and an NFC card) in a 5 hour trip.

1535.04 COIN =  132 XYO

 XYO = $0.62 USDT

Both my tests had major flaws. The second test I missed 45 or so minutes of mining. I also did not play the ads so the decreased the total mining value. I will repeat this test in the future. Next time I will hopefully not close my phone by mistake. I will also play the sound ads to get a real comparison. Looking back I think muting them is biasing the test for the Temporary Boost to fail as I am eliminated some control Mining. 

For now I say that monetarily the Temporary Boost is not worth it. At least for the Plus account. If I was using the free account the increase in rate alone would be a nice treat for a special occasion. It would be worth it from a pleasure stand point.

Perhaps the most expensive account makes the economics better. It should with the redemption discount. 

Again there are bonus advantages to mining faster and non-monetary advantages, like enjoyability, to increased mining rates. From a present value economic stand point, after 2 tests the Temporary Boost is not worth it.

All that in consideration, I do like the temporary boost. $0.99 is affordable and I really enjoyed the experience and I say this knowing this is a bad investment. 

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