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1BTC Project - COIN app is the Temporary Boost worth it? Experiment 1

By 1BTC Project | 1BTC | 19 Mar 2023

I have been spending like a sultan on the COIN app this month. I knew that I had a work trip to the nations capital coming up. That's 5 hours of driving. Uninterrupted mining time. Great testing ground to see if a paid account is 

A. Economically worth it and

B. Congruent with my life style. 

If December of 2022 I took a train back home for Christmas. This is a five hour train ride, but reception is spotty. At the time I was using the Sentinel NFC card, but with the free account. After 5 hours of spotty mining and re-tapping the NFC card I managed to rack up 500 COIN. Which at the time of writing is worth 44 XYO or $0.22 USDT.


The Plus account makes life better to begin with, but the extra boost mines so incredibly fast. I was using a paid account, and the boost and the NFC tap and I added 2000 coin in a 5 hour drive. Unfortunately I do have suspicions that my phone wasn't mining the whole time. My phone died near the end and it may have been on the wrong app for the first hour. I will have to compare to the drive back.

But lets take things at face value.

The Temporary Boost costs $0.99 USDT

The Temporary Boost mines 2000 COIN (stacked onto of a plus account and an NFC card)

2000 COIN = 176 XYO

176 XYO = $0.90 USDT

There are advantages to mining faster. You get to the next withdrawal, you increase bonuses, you're HODL value is higher. Also my numbers are rough estimates as I did not screen shot prior to leaving so there may be a few pennies difference but as it stands, after the first experiment, buying the extra boost - while using the plus account- is a -10% loss. At the moment it seems like from a dollars to doughnuts stand point the Temporary Boost is not worth it. It is pretty interesting how accurately priced the boost is though.

Experiment #2 will be more precise and I will be writing about my return home Tuesday.

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Keep building!

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