1 BTC Project - February 2024 Recap

By 2MFTProductions | 1BTC | 29 Feb 2024

Well its a bitter sweet symphony, this life. 

The spot price of bitcoin has made this a very good month, but it has made it a lot harder to stack sats. The duality of man. As we hurdle towards a break neck FOMO rally, all we can do is smile with a tear in our collective eye. We have been waiting, yet each and every one of us wish that we had another month at the lows, stacked just a bit more, and diamond hands an ounce stronger.

They was a hugely successful month by many any standard. The per day earn was great. The Coin App is the only thing I am paying for and its the only part of my earning portfolio that continues to lose money. Fortunately, next month will be the end of the experiment. The conclusion is pretty certain but I will see it through anyways. 

The other negative was that mid month I got locked out of my Fire Faucet and I never bothered to get back in. I was focused elsewhere, but I am back in now so a withdrawal is likely in March. 

I have also been grinding on Rollercoin pretty hard. I think its pretty goofy stuff. I am racing towards first withdrawal, currently about 12% of the way there. Hopefully it will be a viable addition to the portfolio. 



Crypto Value Gained in September:

Gross Value Gained: 0.001794 BTC

Currency Paid: 0.00061 BTC

Net Value Gained: 0.001782 BTC

This is similar to buying at a 65.8% discount to the market.

My daily crypto rate is back to where I want it to be at $x.xx CAD per day.

My per day gain hit an all time high of $3.46 CAD per day.

Month End Holdings

BTC - 0.07472

XYO -  2,476

BNB - 0.867

OP - 1.48 

VET - 74.06 

Where I Hold My Crypto


Coinbase Wallet


Shake Pay


Top 5 Earners



Coinbase + Coinbase Wallet

Paid - $0 CAD

Net Gain - $93.75 CAD

For the first time since October of 2023 Shakepay is not topping the list. Coinbase came up big in two different ways. 

First I completed an industry survey last month. Much like how any one toying with faucets or GameFi is used to an offerwall survey, I was asked to answer a survey for my fiat job. I told myself that any funds that came from it would be swapped into BTC right away. So as soon as it arrived, I bought Bitcoin. Then I moved it right over to Kucoin for some sweet DeFi action.


As I wrote about here, Coinbase Wallet has Quests. I completed a OP quest, but not the OP is stuck in the wallet. 


Shake Pay

Paid - $0 CAD

Net Gain - $16.74 CAD

With the up tick in the spot price I am not earning more per shake than I have ever earned. ShakePay is the best form of passive income and it just gets better as I continue to build my streak. 



Paid - $0 CAD

Net Gain - $9.29 CAD

Cointiply - namely the MyChips offers- ate up a lot of my attention this month. The COIN app undoubtedly was ignored in favor of grinding out Merge Hotel: Family Story. Its the kind of game that played right into my most obsessive tendencies. It isn't even that compelling and I had to watch a surreal amount of ads, but I had a really good time doing it. 


I did not manage to complete the challenge but I did rack up 48725 cointiply points which is almost enough for a direct Bitcoin withdrawal. Mix that with consistent Faucet rolls and here we are. If you are a grinder like me check out this offer. Even if you grind for a weekend I am sure you can meet some objectives. 

Good month. 



Paid - $0 CAD

Net Gain -$2.91 CAD

I was actually surprised to see KuCoin in the top 5. My best guess is that I have been stacking my way to 1 BNB, while gaining daily interest along the way. BNB has had a 45% gain over CAD over the last month. The goal here is still to get to that 1 BNB mark slowly and hold forever. Then swap the BNB beyond 1 into BTC whenever possible. Set up a little yield far in this account.

I also got a BTC earn redemption and managed to lock up my BTC for another 30 days as soon as I was able to. Unlike Binance, Kucoin's daily interest for BTC minimum is 0.01 on their daily interest. I will be there soon, but as of now I can only take advantage of the limited time offers. 


SWEAT Economy

Paid - $0 CAD

Net Gain -$1.86 CAD

This counts but barely. I have another token in my unaccesible wallet, and I found over 100 SWEAT stuck in unsealed growth jars. 

Game is game, but these folks have to start making moves -pun intended- if they want to be taken seriously.


Go Mining Update


Paid $27.00 USD in August, 2023

Paper Gain:

0.00013606 BTC

$11.33 CAD

With the rise in spot price I am inching towards break even. I am undeceided what I will do at that point. I find the concept of GoMining so dumb but also kind of funny. Therefore I am torn between selling the NFT at a 25% profit and walking away, or building a battery of NFT miners with my Cambly money cus why not?


(this is my NFT plz don't steal)

Upcoming Blog topics:

  • Dollar Cost Averaging.
  • Smiles Bitcoin.
  • KuCoin Lending. 
  • Ebay.
  • Roller Coin

Keep Building.

Referral links if you want to start earning with me:

Pay Pal - A bridge between online and offline money

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Receipt Hog - Monetize your receipts 

Referral code: zamp3695

Invitation - A depository for referral codes.

FireFaucet - Crypto Faucet

KuCoin - Crypto Trading and Lending Platform

Binance - Where I do my staking.

COINapp - Earn Crypto while on the go.

Cointiply - Crypro Faucet

Publish0x - You know what it is!

SWEAT Coin - Earn Crypto While on the move.

Pi Mining App - A daily crypto 'miner'

Coinbase - A Crypto trading platfrom


Shake Pay

Keep building!

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