AdFly- A URL Shortener Service

AdFly- A URL Shortener Service

By 12els30 | 12els30 | 14 Mar 2019

AdFly is a link shortner site that I happen to love using right now. Going through all of the Cryptos, faucets, games and such that I have lately I've learned A LOT about the importance of advertising. If one wants to earn a decent amount without putting in the physical dollar one has to learn how to optimize their time. So in honor of that thought, I decided to go in a slightly different direction with this blog post.

URL Shorteners are one of the best ways to earn money while advertising any link online for a few reasons. For one, if you find one you like (as I have here) you don't need referrals, or to pester people to buy products, or to try to teach someone who already knows everything something. They don't even have to be genuinely interested on the website at the other end of the shrink link! 


Of course, the ideal is that people would visit you're website because they are interested. After all we tend to go after what looks good in the first moment we see it. And that is always great. But after having the perfect bait you need the perfect hook! If a URL shortner is doing its job it is seemless, very few pop ups, ABSOLUTELY NO VIRUSES or anything else that could possibly harm your computer/phone, and also plays on their interest. AdFly is one of the few shirnk link sites that I really love. Hey, some people go for the whole 18+ thing. For me personally, if it's related to business it's a turn off to have to sit and go through the 50 pop ups which are completely off topic and then finally 'earn' the link I originally wanted to see in the first place. 

AdFly brings in an ad page which you sit on for, are you ready for this? 5 seconds. Yup. Just 5 seconds and then I happen to have included the feature that a person has to subscribe first before moving on, which of course takes 1 second and a well aimed finger. Subscribing isn't a big deal, and it isn't via emails. It just means that occassionally, that person is going to see you're link on the one side of their screen during the day. People can always shut that feature off afterwards if it bothers them. But I like it because it isn't invasive and doesn't redirect what I'm doing. Ever had one of those little side ads pop up and wonder where it came from? Somewhere along the way you probably had to subscribe to the site who provided that link while you were on the way to where you were originally headed.

So, down to the money. Most URL shrinkers have a similar rate of about $5/1,000 views. Having the 'subscribe' type feature turned on for AdFly makes the bottom line bigger though I'm not sure by what number. 

If you have a site that you are looking to 1. Drive people to and 2. Monetize on, AdFly might just be a good ticket to help you do that. They also give you a script you can use to redirect people for the 5 seconds right before they connect to your site. I personally just implimented that into my own blog.

You get paid via Paypal or Payeer, but if you are in the US then you are stuck with good ole' Paypal.


*Disclaimer* Everything I say about websites I use I believe to be accurate. The links I include to these sites are my AFFILIATE/REFERRAL links.


My name is Emily, I'm a mother, entrepreneur, author/writer, and I dabble in online marketing/affiliate programs.


Here I'll write about Crytocurrencies, Faucets, Short links, and Traffic Exchange sites.

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