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Kill to Earn - Yes, That’s The Latest Crypto Narrative

Remember back in 2021 when anything x-to-earn was guaranteed to jump 400% the day after it was announced? And then it would inevitably crash in the subsequent 3 or 4 days?

Ahhh. The good old days.

Anyway, the most successful play-to-earn games of that era have not done well. Axie Infinity (AXS), the world’s most successful such game, has the following chart.

chart of AXS's price decline over the past year

And that’s not even from its all-time high.

Of course, AXS was hacked. But they also had terrible tokenomics design that would inevitably result in declining value. Even worse, no one liked playing AXS. Here’s a Reddit thread supporting that basic point: it wasn’t (and isn’t) fun.

Well, in the middle of the crypto winter, a zombie play-to-earn game, developed by an Ex-Goldman Sachs Analyst, has just been launched and it’s called Undead Blocks

game play of undead blocks crypto NFT video game

It’s a first-person shooter game, where you and some friends compete against waves of zombies and it’s actually fun.

In fact, it’s so much fun that the servers were overwhelmed late yesterday evening and are currently down. People are swarming into the game.

The tokenomics, moreover, are sustainable. This point always had an easy fix, actually. Only pay players if the game itself is making money.

Here’s what Undead Blocks does:

  • You get ZBUX tokens for shooting zombies (headshots kill them faster)
  • You can then trade those for ETH or IMX tokens
  • The game makes money when people purchase NFTs for equipment.

It’s still in beta, incidentally, so no one is getting ZBUX right now. People just like killing zombies with their friends.

Given the tokenomics design, you’re probably never going to get rich playing this game. That looks like it’ll be universally true. As soon as you make the tokenomics model sustainable, a game just can’t afford to pay players much.

That’s why I long ago (6 months?) proposed the play-to-give model. We’d make a greater positive impact if we donated our $2.3 of monthly earnings. Individually, it’s not a lot of money. Collectively, with millions of potential players across all games, gamers could do a lot that’s good for the world.

Of course, people would then have to enjoy the games themselves. And that’s why Undead Blocks stands out. They do. If you want a crypto bet, I think IMX (the underlying token supporting the game) is the right place to look… at least as long as our macro conditions hold up.

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