5 more myths about the human body

By STAB1995 | How to get rid of pain | 9 Feb 2021

Who can't remember myths from the past. Stories that we knew for sure that were real. Stories that neighbors told each other as if they were science. That later turned out to be nonsense. Recently I posted already '5 myths about the human body'. Below I have listed 5 more myths about the human body.

You can not burn fat at one spot
I've read this so much on the internet. Tips, diets or special exercises to burn fat specially for 1 location. That would of course be great, but unfortunately this is not the case. Take as an example, doing a lot of abdominal exercises to lose belly fat. Your abdominal muscles will be trained and you also burn some calories, but burning belly fat does not work that way.

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When you shave, hairs come back thicker
In the past, I was advised not to shave yet. I was so young and the hair would only come back thicker, faster or darker. Now this does not appear to be the case according to Dr. Hoskyn, MD.

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Swallowed chewing gum takes years to digest
This was often said to me in the past. Don't swallow your gum. It stays in your stomach or intestines for about 7 years. Well rest assured. There is no evidence for this at all. It is of course the case that you have to be careful not to suffocate.

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Cracking yourself in your joints causes arthritis
Who doesn't do it now and then. Just a bump in your fist, ankle or elbow.It is stuck for a while and…. Not anymore. The chiropractor or osteopath will do it too so I can do it too. It was always said that this can cause arthritis. This is inflammation in your joint. This is not right. It is true that it is better not to do it.Although it cannot cause arthritis, you can make your joints too flexible by stretching the ligaments too often. So be careful with this and only let the professionals do it for you.

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Back pain is always a hernia I hear this so often 
I have a back pain, so a hernia. This is of course possible, but very often this is not the case. Would you like to read more about hernias and back pain? Then read my post "what is the difference between a hernia and non-specific low back pain.

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Sascha Bargi BSc. Pt. & MSc. Ost. in training

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How to get rid of pain
How to get rid of pain

The goal of this blog is to get tips, advices and exercises on how to get rid of physical injuries like low back pain.

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