Tokenized artwork on 0xPir: Ipnotic room No 2
Psycospace mirrored

Tokenized artwork on 0xPir: Ipnotic room No 2

The artwork

Ipnotic room is a Psycodinamic Artwork  and it's a piece of Suggestive trip collection.

A room in the psycosphere where emotion are mirrored for face it's self.  


This is a snapshot of tokenized artwork.

ipnotic room


Tokenized on


Creator: 0xPironatof

Collector: 0xPir Digital State of Art


About 0xPir Digital gallery

OxPir is an awesome digital gallery,  which been builded with the intent to create a collection of the most Digital crypto artist in the NFT ecosystem.


Information about the creator are provided in the source section

Happy Collect




Entrepreneur / Dev / Artist / Collector / ...

0xPir Digital State of Art
0xPir Digital State of Art

Creators & Collectors both side of art. "All art pieces are unique. There is going to be only one copy of each" 0xPir is a new digital gallery with amazing artfull potencial, looking for a investor/ collector of the future. #artwork, #art, #animatedgif, #crypto

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