Coinbase Earn add DAI + Axie Infinity x MakerDAO Promotion

Coinbase Earn add DAI + Axie Infinity x MakerDAO Promotion

By 0xMaki | 0xMaki | 10 Jun 2019

Hello everyone this is my first post on Publish0x, I wanna keep my post straight to the point and short but today I will try to introduce myself at the sametime. I want to gather any new opportunity to earn some crypto via low frictions actions be it a Coinbase Earn Survey, Write a small post or any random bounty that I see bubble up via Reddit, Telegram, Crypto Projects, etc.

About me a bit, the first airdrop that I have ever received was for some STR back when XLM was named like that ! Received 5k via a popular forum called Hacker News ... I am by nature a bit of gambler and like to take risk this 5k stack was worth around 10-15usd back when it launched since it was a very low amount I decided to play on various games and took it to 9k before forgetting about it until 2015 ? Where I found it and swap it for BTC on poloniex


Transferred that small amount on another gambling website and lost it all ... ! No I am not a Whale just a Maki 😅 Lesson ? Don't gamble crypto it is not worth it. I forgot about all the crypto talks until the DAO hack learned a bit about Ethereum but didn't pay attention until august 2017 I was working a shitty job and looked at the price of Bitcoin and various other cryptos here is my paper trading with Blockfolio 



I didn't pull the trigger at 4200 USD in 2017 nor did I do it when it rose at 6000 USD and it is no big deal, it has since come down and backup. By the end of 2018 I got my first job in a crypto startup and was able to accumulate my first whole Ether in 2019 with only 40usd of my own fiat. How did I get the rest you might ask ? Chasing airdrops, doing crypto bounties and other things.

Which is why you clicked this link today Coinbase Earn announced a way of making 6$ usd in DAI (MakerDAO Stablecoin) which you can click here to start : (No affiliate)

If you have never used Coinbase Earn I will probably put another piece about it I was able to earn 40-50ish usd with it.. If you feel like helping me this link is affiliate for XLM I will earn 10$ and you will too !

I also heard about another opportunity with the Axie Infinity team but requires some capital on your end : (No affiliate) 

You basically need to open a CDP until 30 of june with a minimum of 150 DAI to earn a NFT token that you can resell on any marketplaces after there is 3 tiers. 

Quick disclaimer if you decide to start following my blog I will never make you loose your time with my links, my next posts are going to be much shorter unless you liked this format of sharing about my personal stories, feeling of the market, etc. I was thinking about sharing my experience has an analyst for my previous 6 months contract where I was lucky enough to learn about the whole top 2000 tokens and follow the market daily. Any links will be marked if it is affiliated or not.

Thanks for your time & Hope to write soon for the community :)


Hello everyone I am Maki, I will write in this blog about crypto dApp, passive income, reviews and news. I want to share the best way to earn crypto easily without requiring big amount of fiat. I've been in the space since 2014, cheers!

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