Bullish News from Nigeria on crypto!

By 0xgult | 0xcrypto | 15 Sep 2020

Great news just coming in from Nigeria on regulating crypto assets today. The Nigerian Securities and Exchanges Commission, their SEC said in a stunning statement today that "Virtual crypto assets are securities, unless proven otherwise". This basically means that they have officially accepted digital assets and crypto currencies under their regulatory umbrella.

They would basically for all practical purposes register and approve all digital assets, treating the crypto currencies and utility tokens as commodities.

Google Trends searches show that Nigeria ranks first in their searches for Bitcoin and without a doubt the first in the African continent. I am slowly starting to see why Jack Dorsey was so bullish on crypto in Africa and Africa should lead the world in crypto adoption.

Full story here:https://cointelegraph.com/news/nigeria-regulators-recognize-digital-assets-in-stunning-new-statement 

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