Splinterlands | The Rebel storm is about to hit us pretty soon

By mango juice | 0mango-juice | 29 Nov 2023

What’s up my fellow Splinterlands lovers!

I hope all of you are spending a beautiful day with your family and friends and also enjoying splinterlands in your daily free time. Well, the last ranked season ended just a couple of days ago, but actually, we have already come to the halfway of this ongoing ranked season and only 7 days left while I am writing this post for this season to meet its end. So, I hope all of you are fighting well and hope that you reach your goal soon before the timer runs out. For me, things are currently going fine with me as right now, I am playing in Champion I and just entered this tier today and currently sitting with 4361 trophies. However, I do know that soon I will be thrown off from this sacred top tier when the OG players start to grow their rank as the season end comes near. Another thing is that I am currently renting a good no of missing untamed cards because I had to play 2 tournaments and brawls and besides that, those extra cards also helped to push my trophy count to a healthy position in this mod season time. But renting is costly so I will stop renting for now and rather save some money for renting during the season end.


Okay so now, looking at my season reward chests count, so far I have collected 42 season chests and am almost near to collecting the 43rd one, but having only another 7 days in hand, I think now I have to focus and work hard on my towards or I will be having less no of season chests. In the champion level, the reward chests have the maximum chance of getting a good reward than all other leagues but on the other hand, collecting every next season chests gets harder as well than other leagues. When I used to play in Diamond League, it was way easier to collect 80 season chests or even 100 if any player plays well and regularly and also balances his energy bar well. But as I have been playing in the Champion League for quite some time now, getting the same no of season reward chests here seems almost impossible to be honest. Anyway, moving on to my focus mission, today I got the BUFFS as my daily mission and completed playing for the day after collecting total 13 focus reward chests. I have over played a little today because last day I was busy and couldn't play and utilise my energies well. Hope I get some good rewards from these focus chests tomorrow as the whole last season was not that good for me in terms of reward pull.


Now, moving on to our main topic of this post, if you are a splinterlands player you already know that the pre-sale of the upcoming Rebellion card-set has already ended and only 12 days and 22 hours left for the general sale to go live. First of all, I congratulate all who participated in the pre-sale and purchased packs and wish you all to get good no. of promo cards as airdrop for your purchase. The splinterlands Team has been working well on the upcoming Rebellion set and the pre-sale was a hit as well because last I saw in their official discord, 30 mins before the end of the pre-sale there were only 33,544 packs were left out of 500k packs mad I think a fat portion of those last 33k packs also have been sold away. Many people were discussing the idea to launch a new cardset or sale event while the bear market is still ongoing and the team also had to face such questions and arguments but gladly the team once again proved them wrong their efforts and with the people’s unconditional love for them. I was also very eager to enter the pre-sale but this long ongoing bear market has tightened my hand, So I have decided to start buying cards directly from market once general sale starts and maybe start preparing with plenty of time in hand for the next mini edition card sale.


On the other way, The team has also started giving out intel about the upcoming rebellion cards and in their 2 latest Rebellion sneak peak posts, they have shared details of total 10 cards and there’s so much new things yet to be discovered and enjoyed when these cards finally gets launched and be usable in battles. I hope you have already those 2 posts or I highly recommend to visit the official splinterlands hive account and have a read, because with this upcoming rebellion card-set, we will be getting 4 new abilities - Armored Strike, Corrosive Ward, Flank and Look Out, we will be seeing summoners that support dual element splinters at once, which simply manes that we can choose monsters from 2 different splinters if using that type of summoners, we will be also getting ability choice from summoner cards after the battles get submitted - as an example, you can either use +2 range power or shield to all friendly monsters etc. All these things together will certainly make the game way more interactive and interesting to play. No doubt a big revolution is coming to splinterlands and we all are about to experience that soon. We better embrace and be ready for what’s coming because this new update will change the gameplay style entirely and reach new heights.

I hope you liked reading my post about my current progress and Rebellion. Have you invested in the pre-sale or will enter the general sale or rather, buy cards from the market later? Let me know in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post.


Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post, Please come again!
Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands!

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