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By 0fajarpurnama0 | 0fajarpurnama0 | 22 May 2020

Rules I will write the unique thing about Publish0x first. For me is a fantastic match because I get to follow my favorite crypto news and get paid. Although this platform is initiated by crypto enthusiasts, everyone else are welcome and maybe soon the contents will become more general. If you are reading this on Publish0x, I want to tell you that this article is also distributed to other platforms to promote Publish0x where you can see what they are in the end of this article.

Token Withdrawal Proof

Igor Tomić the COO at the time was kind enough to reward me $5 of LRC for following the experience article contest eventhough I was late. I requested LRC token withdrawal on 3th Mei 2020 and arrived at 5th Mei 2020 which the payout is every Monday. The transaction ID is 0xed3b0dfaf03545195c563a55fed1b2d9a6e1e91f0a9a56bfc707ad436cbb1795 where my receiving address is 0xcf354a0012160bc5dae441c49f0b2d7e4a4ffc96. At that time to withdraw, first go to settings, in wallet, input your Ethereum public address which I highly recommend an address that you hold the private key, second go to dashboard, third go to payments and request for withdrawal and wait.

Ambassador Program

If you are interested to join Publish0x first as a reader and maybe afterwards as a writer, join using this link if you don't have any referrer. Publish0x are few of many platforms that provides a unique way to refer people. As you can see from link above, I was a given a unique refferal identification (ID) of "?a=4oeEw0Yb0B" where I can attach to any Publish0x links to refer to someone to receive commissions even if they are not my articles. For example, if I find interesting articles, I can share to my friends or post to the social media while attaching my referral ID to the articles' links, and if someone registered using that link, I will receive a commission.



Even more advanced you can add tracking ID to the referral ID for example the trackind ID that I shared on this article is "&tid=tumblr" identifying that readers clicking the links comes from tumblr. Other than the amount of registration, you can get the amount of clicks of your links which can be good statistics to see whether your readers are interested in the links or not. If I'm not wrong, not all the clicks are generated by people but maybe generated by robots like crawlers that needs to optimize search engines.

The ambassador program is the term Publish0x uses where most other platform uses the term referral. I do suggest and hope that one day Publish0x can upgrade the referral system where not only the inviters but the invitees get commissions as well. It doesn't necessary have to create more expenses, but allow the inviters shares their commissions with the invitees. For now, the ambassador program only benefits the the inviters:

  • Earn 5% of every tip generated by your referrals using the tipper at the bottom of each article. This includes both the tip to the author and the amount claimed by your referral.
  • Access to paid/bountied articles first.
  • Free featured article placements.


The Tipping Sources

The tipping does not come from your pocket, Publish0x sponsors your tipping and you can get a share of that tipping. In other words, both you the reader and the writer gets paid. Technically, you decide how Publish0x monetize the readers and the writers. Where does Publish0x gets its revenues?

  • From, it is revealed that they get coin creators to sponsor them. That's what you tip to writers and take for yourself. One application they said, is that this tipping mechanism is an innovative way for coin creators to perform airdrops. Rather than just randomly airdropping to people, why not airdrop them by rewarding readers and writers?
  • They may soon implement advertisements but I think only a tiny bit because they also said that they prefer to keep it clean.
  • The rest, I don't know so please leave a comment if you do know. In my opinion, a product is no good without its customers so Publish0x makes a good approach that even readers should get a share of their revenues. I like to believe in the quote "give and you shall receive".
  • In the future, is a good path to develop a function where readers can also tip from their own wallets. Currently, readers can only tip from the token pool provided by Publish0x.

Token Variety

Publish0x is crypto agnostic where they are open to accept any tokens. They do not have their own tokens which means they do not do initial coin offerring (ICO). At the time of this writting, the variety of tokens in their pools are:

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • DAI Stablecoin
  • Project Hydro
  • Loopring (LRC)
  • Bounty0x

The Tipping Function



The tipping function allows you to tip the writer and yourself (the reader) in random cryptocurrency token. You can choose the percentage of how much you want to give the writer. The minimum percentage you have to give the writer is 20%, meaning that you can take as much as 80% of Publish0x's tippings. Ofcourse you can also be generous and tip 100% to the writer.

Tipping Limitation






The time interval time to tip again is 10 minutes and most of the time the time interval to tip the same writer is 24 hours.















Based on my own calculation of tipping for 5 days, the average amount you can tip daily is either 7 times or ¢9. You can check the rest of the screenshots at filearmy and the online excel at onedrive.

For Writers




There is no doubt that this is a place where writers can definitely earn. Just take a look how much these popular article earns. The more readers that tips the more the writer earns.



However, I apologized, don't get your hopes up. Eventhough the probability that there will always be a reader that tips is almost 100%, don't forget the limitation of how much they can tip. Most of my articles only earns a cent or two.

It is Still Free

Still, be grateful because you get to publish for free. Like any other content platform publishing requires resource, not only they provide a platform to publish as much article as you want for free, you can also get the shares of their earnings. Remember back in the very old days where we have to compete to have our article in the newspaper.



For now they use Tiny MCE editor where you can format your text, insert image even animated gif, and Youtube videos, but unfortunately you cannot directly write in HTML however you can go around by writing in HTML locally or somewhere else, open the result, then copy them. I went around because the image that I uploaded always automatically reduces to a low quality to the point that it is blury to see. Lastly, don't forget to put 5 tags, thumbnails, and resources for your articles.




Still, there are rules and for now you still need to apply to be a publisher after you registered. They are not a decentralized platform, but a crypto power platform where both readers and writers can earn in crypto. With the rules that you can read on the platform, but you can conclude that the only requirement is for you to be sincere. The content should be either your original work or have permission if it is other's work. No spam contents but do remember that boring even low quality contents does not necessarily mean they are spam contents. It can be just that the readers are not interested in the topic but at least you have a slight intention of wanting to deliver and share information and not totally for the money. For me, structure my contents greatly help in increasing the quality and making them looked like a professional.

As Readers

Again It is Free

Again, be grateful that it is free and additionally you get pennies for reading. Remember how much you used to pay for buying books, magazines, and newspapers. Well, most online platform should remain free.

Your Voice



Social platform online is the trend now. Remember a long time ago, you don't even have a chance to speak your voice where you can only read the newspapers and watch the television. Now you can like, dislike, and comment to engage socially. Strangely, I can write my comments in markdown (MD) while I can't write my articles directly in hypertext markup language (HTML).

Suggestions for Developers

I have suggestions for improving the platform, so I humbly suggest:

  • The feature for readers to tip from their own wallet and maybe at the same time the feature for writers to accept these tips (not from the pool ones) directly to their wallets.
  • The feature to share the ambassadors/referrals earnings to the ones they invite. If ambassadors receives 5%, have the feature to set the percentage for example 3% for ambassadors and 2% for invitees.
  • The MD feature on the comment is nice but there is no feature for direct HTML and CSS edit of articles.

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