Mary.. Me?!

By Zuk | zukdimension | 9 Aug 2021

9d866629a150588365ed632dfdcd7e0d7c3321f2a88608a1d8696d11fa92dd38.pngA normal school night didn’t seem so normal when it started raining cats and dogs. The heavy rain made the night foggy, dark, and more eerie than usual. My friends and I were staying late in school to do our assignments. I only had two friends with me but they were getting ready to leave. “Mary, sorry we had to leave so soon. Mom’s already looking for us.” Ashley said. “Yeah, and please be careful. Heard a lot of stories about this school being haunted…” her sister, Raven, added. I can’t believe she had to say shit like that before leaving me alone in this hellhole.

The rain stopped falling heavily and suddenly, everything was quiet. As I was finishing my tasks, I heard a little cry coming from the girl’s restroom. The cry sounded very annoying. It pierced through my ears like needle and left both my ears ringing. Out of curiosity, I went to where the crying was coming from. As I entered the restroom, I immediately notice the putrid smell. It is as if there were rotting bodies hiding in the stalls. “Holy shit! This place reeks!”

I noticed that the crying stopped and turned into a small laughter, is someone trying to prank me? ”Laughing?! What the hell?! Ashley and Raven! This better not be—“As I barged the stall door open, my eyes begin to tear up to find that there was no one inside.

The laughing stopped, but my knees began to weaken and shake. “What the fuck?!” I cried. I sit down on the toilet to calm myself down. My body froze like cement when liquid started to drip down my shoulder. “It’s just rainwater. Don’t look up. Just calm down.”

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind went pass me and gave me goosebumps on my neck and arms. My body began to shake and my heart started beating really fast when the liquid became heavier each drop. It was as if someone was tapping my shoulder for attention. I looked over my shoulder and was speechless to see red dark blood stains on my uniform. I slowly look up to see what was really up there.

In shock, my eyes enlarged so much it could almost fall off. I started hyperventilating as blood dripped on my cheeks. There I saw… a girl hanging from the neck. The noose squeezed on her neck so tight her eyes were bulging out so much. Her entire skin was so pale; it was almost transparent that it made all the veins in her body visible. Her face was covered in bruises that her face started turning violet. The veins that surround her eyes were throbbing faster and faster. Her eyes were continuously crying blood, and her mouth was wide open— devoured by maggots and flies.

My eyes started to adjust to the darkness. I let out a cry after seeing the face more clearly. “That’s… That’s…” before I could even finish, the hanging girl jerked her neck looking down and her bloody red eyes meet with mine. She mouthed…


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I like reading and writing--I was once a writer of short horror stories. I just thought of setting an old passion on fire once again and make something special out of it... money, I meant money.


Greetings, traveler! Thanks for stopping by. The name's Zuk. This blog contains short horror stories, and NSFW, well, a little bit, but don't worry kids, if there are any, I'll be sure to put a warning. Anyway, please enjoy my brainchildren--It really took time to make 'em!

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