ZT's third anniversary, riding on the wind, rising upwards.

ZT's third anniversary, riding on the wind, rising upwards.

By ZT Global | ZT | 28 Aug 2021

In a blink of an eye, ZT has gone through three years in the turbulent market.


It can be said that it is easy to spring and autumn, and it is prosperous; a few years of hard work achievements. In the past three years, the blockchain industry has been surging, and ZT has gradually grown into a new first-line exchange. All of this is inseparable from ZT's three years of hard work, and the full support of 2.9 million+ users.


In 2018, it can be said that the entire market environment was not good at that time. Many blockchain startups that took advantage of the situation at the beginning of the year ended without a problem. 95% of the blockchain practitioners left, 80% of the mines closed down, and the cold winter came. The ZT trading platform, which was born at this time, is dormant. Despite the huge challenges, it is still waiting for the dawn to reappear.


Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers.


In the difficult start situation at that time, ZT won over 1 million user registrations with its simple and easy-to-operate APP interface, 7*24H customer service, and meticulous business services.


It is no exaggeration to say that ZT resolutely broke a new path, developed against the trend in the cold winter with its innovative blockchain technology and rich practitioner experience, and accumulated rich industry knowledge and resources.


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Entering 2019, ZT ushered in a moment of historic victory --- daily trading volume exceeded 400 million. This is very encouraging for a new brand. On one hand, ZT continues to maintain a barbaric upward growth route and recruit as many users as possible. On the other hand, in order to stimulate the development of high-quality projects and ensure the sound development of the platform, ZT has launched the Sailing Plan, Exploration Plan and BBT Plan. Look for high-quality projects to support and incubate projects to thrive through the "Three Plans", and work hard to promote the development of the entire industry in a favorable direction.


It is foreseeable that the entire world will be affected by the blockchain in the future, and in the face of the great changes of the times, only unity can achieve a win-win situation. The difference is that ZT took a different approach, choosing to join forces with the community, with 100 community partners, 20,000+ high-quality communities, and surrounding the trading platform with users.


This year's ZT, the sense of corporate responsibility is vividly reflected.


When the strength is enough and the background is enough, then the opportunity becomes particularly important to be taken.

For ZT, 2020 is a groundbreaking and milestone year.

This year, ZT started to work, realized diversified development and group development, and built an ecological layout business in ZT digital asset service platform, ZT Capital, ZT Business School, ZT-Labs, ZT Media, ZT CLUB, etc. As an integrated blockchain industry group, the application scenarios are ushered in a new upgrade, and the value is comprehensively improved.


As we all know, 2020 is the first year of the DeFi outbreak. The emergence of new hot spots such as DeFi, Polkadot, and NFT not only brings development momentum to the market, but also brings the greatest development opportunity for the trading platform.


ZT-Labs played an important role for ZT, which seized this hot spot. At the beginning of the year, ZT-Labs with a forward-looking strategic vision keenly grasped this hot spot, silently laid out, established a community and then preached. At the same time, it deeply cultivated the DeFi field and continuously discovered a number of high-quality DeFi assets, and these potential assets are hot in DeFi. Binance, Coinbase and other first-line platforms have been launched one after another. Facts have proved that ZT-Labs has a great investment vision, and many ZT users have enjoyed a considerable return from the early-stage ambush of high-quality assets.


At the same time, ZT Capital established a special fund of 20 million US dollars to focus on projects in popular areas such as Defi, Polkadot, DAO, NFT, and storage. The foundation brings together the industry's top teams and early industry evangelists to open up the industry resources of both parties to ecological partners through investment. The project can enjoy comprehensive ecological services such as funds, high-quality resources, brand services, technical services, and investment consulting.


If ZT-Labs and ZT Capital are to find more and better high-quality projects to enjoy users, then ZT Media, ZT CLUB and ZT Business School are to better enhance users' awareness. ZT Media and ZT CLUB jointly created the "Storm Live Room" and "The Wave After the Stars" series, inviting a number of industry-renowned celebrities, capital institutions, popular communities and other guests to answer questions and answer questions for users in a professional manner, pointing to the bright lights. ZT Business School focuses on offline, point-to-face, enhance the understanding of the blockchain and learn the knowledge of the blockchain, cultivate the corresponding technical talents, and incubate the elite team of the blockchain. So far, ZT Media, ZT CLUB and ZT Business School have successfully exported industry knowledge to hundreds of thousands of people and trained hundreds of industry talents.


It should be noted that any investment is firstly cognitive. When users have a certain accumulation, unique cognition and trend judgment of the industry, and use them for investment thinking, then this in-depth cognition can be easily realized.


Temporary success depends on luck, and first life success depends on cognition.


This year's hard work has successfully allowed ZT to deliver the brand voice and target the first-line mainstream platforms.


At the beginning of the new year in 2021, ZT received a multi-million-dollar investment from SoftBank Group (UK), and then Cabin VC, Candaq, and Dealean (German Neighbors) followed. Institutional support has played an important role in further strengthening ZT's own underlying transaction business depth, establishing a multi-party resource system, improving global digital asset scale management capabilities, and promoting the influence and innovation of blockchain technology on industrial formats and future asset forms.


ZT began to try to innovate and realize the new development of "internal and external double cycle", launched other ecological products such as wallets, and the development of professional public chains is also continuing. ZT followed the trend and launched the ZSC smart chain, becoming the third platform to launch a smart chain after Binance and Huobi. The launch of ZSC is ZT's response to the current DeFi2.0 market situation, and it is also one of the important innovative measures for its own development.


With the prosperity of the DeFi ecosystem, a simple trading platform gradually cannot meet the development needs of all project parties and developers. The emergence of the ZSC smart chain has opened up a new market space for the ecological development of ZT, which can completely open up the ecology of DEX and CEX, thereby Enriching and perfecting the ecology of ZT can cover all aspects of the industry, upgrading from a trading platform to a trading ecology.


In order to further promote the development and prosperity of the ZT ecosystem, ZT has also creatively launched the ZSC Smart Chain 21 super node campaign and ZT DAO to reward all participants and contributors with more rights and incentives.


Looking back on the past, ZT has been able to achieve a better self, making breakthroughs and innovations all the time. In the next stage, ZT will not forget its original intention and start the journey again, continue to optimize its products and services, dig deep into the excavation of high-quality projects, and improve ecological development.


For the more years to come.


The wind is surging, and the sails are breaking the waves; there is a long way to go, and more effort is needed. We will make it!


ZT's third anniversary of  wonderful activities will soon be coming, and there will be more mysterious super gifts, please stay close so you can be part of it~~

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