Pandacoin (PND) - A coin for the masses.

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 21 May 2021

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Today I'll talk about a old coin that was designed for strong adoption and acceptance by countless people.

PoW is interesting and fair in most of its conception, but for those looking for a passive and peaceful income and strengthening of the network. PoS can't be ignored.

Well, the coin in question is Pandacoin. A PoS coin with a supply currently 34B. No ICO, no premine with PoW finished in 2014 and despite the amount of PND, inflation is set at 2.5% annually.

PND was initially designed as a coin alternative for products, goods and services in Asia and also to eliminate certain actions from a certain period that did some things in that period of time.

Many people thought that PND was a kind of DOGE. This comparison is acceptable, although PND has something Scrypt, the characteristics and intentions of PND are different from DOGE.

China needed new options and PND was one of them. That is why the PND community is extremely strong or at least loyal.

Naturally PND is no longer limited to China or the Asian community. The whole world is thought today.

The reason why PND is projected for the masses is because BTC being deflated ended up becoming a store of value. PND with its low inflation may be the same, but the amount of supply allows greater accessibility than BTC. I'm not comparing values, but accessibility. Just analyze the prices and we will know that it's more accessible to any type of person.

PND aspires that each person can send and receive payments, make purchases with a minimum amount of PND. That's why PND is easy to use, buy and get through PoS.

The team is working hard to make more business happen with PND, facilitating people's perception of this big coin. Talk to them on the telegram.

The proof of this is that the exchange BITUBU listed PND recently. Other exchanges like Altmarkets and Unnamed have already listed PND.

Recently there was a swap which modernized the coin and prospects for the future. To learn more see the medium. You will find the reasons and justifications for the swap and good expectations as well.

In resume, the potential of PND is comprehensive and enormous both at the current price of $0.0005 and because of the possibility of adoption and use by people.

I hope I have shown a great opportunity and clarified some conception about PND.

Below you will find some links, where you can find information about wallets, github, social, exchanges, explorer and charts.

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Crypto Mihawk

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