Do you know Xazab (XAZAB)?

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 28 May 2021

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How long, in fact, has it been a few days since I wrote the last article that I was not feeling so well. So, I decided to rest for a few days.

Have you heard of Xazab? Not yet? In this article I'll provide an introduction to that coin.

XAZAB is a multi-algo PoW coin. The algo are x11, yespower, sha256d, scrypt and lyra which will allow users to obtain XAZAB with their favorite algo and thus be able to send and receive payments quickly. Using various aspects of each algo ends up making this coin well-founded and quite usable.

Xazab has a supply of 21M and there was a premine of 580k Blocks. About premine, it's important that each one make their DYOR. I am presenting a PoW coin that has some interesting aspects, despite the existence of numerous multi-algo coins or PoW. Visit the bitcointalk forum for more details or the Xazab site.

In addition to the speed of transaction, Xazab stands out for its decentralization and security because there are MN. The reward in the block is slightly higher for MN than for miners. If the coin obtains market recognition and values naturally it'll be a better option to obtain an MN than to properly mine, but mining is still fun.

In addition to mining and MN, there is another way to get XAZAB that is by buying from Altmarkets exchange. Prices are still minimal and it's necessary to build some liquidity if there is a need for attraction on the part of people. It is probably a medium-term project.

Some people don't like premine because they fear any dumping on people, but still it's sometimes necessary to analyze the characteristics of the coin and the possibilities provided. That is why DYOR has its importance and cannot be ignored. Knowing that XAZAB has built-in multi-algo features naturally adds value and will attract the attention of some people in the future due to its low supply. Only time will tell.

There is not much to talk about XAZAB other than to say that it is an interesting coin to be mining at that moment because it's easy to extract and cheap and because it has some perspectives. With DYOR, you will never be left helpless and make the right choices.

For pools, explorer, github click on the words and you will get there. Information for social, wallets and more, visit the forum or site.

There is a small reminder that on medium there is information about mining solo.

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