Do you know Bitgesell (BGL)?

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 18 May 2021

Hello Folks!


I'm new here and I'm going to talk about a cryptocurrency with a lot of potential and promising. Have you heard of Bitgesell (BGL)?

If so, I hope you continue reading this article to understand the point of view on this project. The presentation will be simple and some details will not be mentioned and people who are interested will be able to go deeper. This will make this article more objective and less tiring.

If not, it's a great opportunity for you to follow one more project or else to keep track of and who knows how to make an investment.
There are some people who don't have enough money to make any kind of investment and many times I found myself in this situation. I see, there are free ways to try to get BGL.

Bitgesell is a decentralized PoW cryptocurrency with max supply 21M. launched in 2020 whose proposal is store of value. How will that be? With the burning of 90% of tx fees, the possibility of BGL increasing over time is incredibly high precisely because of the decrease in the amount of BGL in circulation. With a focus on the value reserve, it's guaranteed that at least the price and attention of people will be decent. See coinmarketcap for daily trading volume. BGL is new and has an acceptable volume. One of the exchanges that has BGL listed is DigiFinex.

Of course there are other factors, but the fact that it's mining is a positive factor as it allows interested parties to obtain BGL fairly, not everyone will be able to mine, but as i said earlier, there are ways to get BGL for free.

To find out more you can access the bitcointalk thread and site where contains all the links about explorer, mining pools, socials, github, wallets and other things.

The first way to get BGL for free is to get paid for the signature campaign on bitcointalk. There is also the node incentive program where every week 20 nodes would be randomly picked and awarded $20 each. This contest runs until next halving in March 2022. And lastly every week wallet address will be picked automatically which is included in most transactions.
This address will be awarded $100.

There are more things to talk about and show, but the best thing is that everyone does their DYOR. That's it for now, I hope everyone can participate or at least research about Bitgesell. If you are interested in a deflationary project that constantly seeks store of value.


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