42-coin (42) - Store of value.

By Crypto Mihawk | zoro_disciple | 19 May 2021

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I'm here again to comment on another store of value coin, but this time it's something very different and quite attractive as well.

As everyone knows, one of the most interesting factors of BTC is precisely the deflation that allows higher prices. It's true that at this very moment things are showing the opposite, but if we stop to think, the price is still high.

42-coin is an old PoW/PoS coin fully decentralized with a supply of only 42 coins. That's right what you just read! All coins were distributed fairly during the mining stage few years ago.

One of the dev's arguments for the 42-coin to be hybrid is that because there is no block reward only transaction fees for PoW miners and thereby PoS miners destroy transaction fees, where they in turn create deflation making 42-coin most valued coin.

Currently, 42 is approximately 2 BTC per coin. The marketcap is extremely low, being an old coin and with active development, there are clear possibilities here. I particularly like deflationary projects because even if they don't value or obtain values, naturally they are able to protect themselves effectively against the passage of time in relation to impacts on prices.

42-coin has yet to demonstrate its full potential and many people are still unaware of the importance of the store of value. Because almost every day we have projects launched that are inflationary and not just inflationary, they ignore the amount in circulation and are not concerned with adding value.

This short article was just an introduction to 42-coin. If you want to know more about wallets, github, social, charts and exchanges, you can find them on the links below. The wiki is a good way to inform and understand all story about 42.


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