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By Zim01 | Zim's Ramble | 30 May 2021

With under 20 hours left until 31st May and pre-sale so I hope you are ready. 

In order to incentivize the game economy FarSite will start off with creates sale on May 31st. 

There is also a discount depending on how many creates player gets. 

3-4: 3% discount, 5-9: 5% discount, 10-24: 10% discount, 25-49: 15% discount, 50-99: 20% discount and if you buy over 100 creates you get wooping 25% discount. 


First Edition Neptune Create will start from 0.05 ETH 


Only 300 of First Edition Neptune Crates will ever exist. 

You can get Ship hull, modules, compontents or credits. Remember those credits as you will need them later on. 


2nd create that will be for sale is 

First Edition Mars Crate and will start from 0.25 ETH 


as with First Edition Neptune Crates you will be able to get Ship hull, modules, components, credits but also Ship Hull Blueprint. 

Only 200 First Edition Mars Crates will ever exist. 



There are 2 more creates that will be for sale. 

Triton Crate


and Phobos Crate. 



Now these 2 last crates, Triton and Phobos you will be able to purchase them ONLY with credits.  At this stage those credits are recieved from Neptune and Mars crates. 

These crates are very limited 300 + 200 so 500 crates that you can get in total by spending ETH. I hope I can get my hands on 1 or 2 as I may assume their value will increase a lot on free market since they are so limited. Wish you all a good luck in deeping your toes into something that I think will change how we look at gaming. 

also remember to visit play.farsite.online for more details. 


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