The Best Way to Go

By Fritzie2894 | Zie_1228 | 24 Apr 2021

Did you know that as we die, we can still save our Planet? How could this happen? I know it's discomforting to talk about someone's death but, we must overcome the discomfort and think about a new way of responsible death.

Here are Some Ways on How to Save the Planet after Death:

Turning the bodies into a tree. In this procedure, instead of using coffins, the bodies are placed in a Capsula Mundi, an egg-shaped capsule that easily breaks down because it is biodegradable. It is buried on the ground then, a tree is attached on top of it so the remains become a fertilizer to the tree. The tree is named after the dead person. It is like giving life after death.

Mushroom Burial. An artist Jae Rhim Lee shared her experiment of the Mushroom Death Suit. Since mushrooms have the power to clean up the environment and decompose, it can decompose our bodies. In a Mushroom Death Suit, there's a white net wrap around dead bodies which is embedded with mushrooms so that it can grow in the bodies at the same time decompose it. That way, we are helping to clean the environment instead of polluting it. 

Aquanation. This process is like cremation but in the water. It is a gentle way of dissolving the body until what only remains are the bones. It doesn't includes water nor smoke. The mineral remains are dried and processed into a powder and return it to the family. It then becomes calcium phosphate that can be turn into phosphoric acid which is then used in everything from food, cosmetics and to electronics. You still become useful even after you die.

A study shows that 100,000 Tons of steel, 1.5 Million tons of concrete and 77,000 tons of trees where used in burial. Just in USA 4M Square Acres of forests used for caskets. Also, cremation uses too much gas and electricity in equivalent to as a 500 mile road trip. A statistic study shows that there are about 150,00 people die every single day, considering all of them are in cremation, that would be 75,000 Million mile road trip to more air pollution and major damage on our planet.

Now that we have learned our negative impact on  planet even after we die, we must think a better way now on how to help our environment even after our last breath. In this way, we could give back to Mother Earth for letting us live on this beautiful planet. 



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