Zethyr Finance Strategy Guide

By Zethyr Exchange | Zethyr Exchange | 4 Jun 2020

We have collected strategies for all #Zethyrians, when using Zethyr Finance to make money.


Strategy #1

It is a WINK multiplication strategy using the leverage that provides. This strategy allows you to receive drops from WINK which are consistently around .18% daily and use these drops to pay the .04% daily interest on the borrowed TRX. You net around .14% daily in addition to the interest you earn regularly.

Step one: Deposit your WINK into Zethyr and freeze it.

Step two: Borrow TRX till you are at 200% collateralization ratio.

Step three: Buy WIN with the borrowed TRX.

Step four: Repeat until you can no longer borrow and be above the 200% ratio.


With your daily drops you have two options, you can repay your loan or buy more WIN. Personally I base this off of the WIN/TRX price. If it is over .006 I repay TRX, if it is under .006 I buy WIN.



Strategy #2

You can borrow TRX with your WIN/BTT as collateral. So below is my strategy to win 20,000 TRX in 3 months.

  1. Deposit WIN to (around 25M WIN)
  2. Hold until TRX / USDT pump ( e.g. 0.02)
  3. Take a loan of TRX from 50,000 TRX, convert it to USDT at 0.02 = 1000 USDT
  4. Deposit 1000 USDT into to get 8% interest
  5. Hold until the TRX dump ( e.g. 0.015)
  6. Withdraw USDT from and buy back TRX at 0.015 = 66666 TRX
  7. Repay the loan: 50,000 TRX

Profit = 1 – 0.015/0.02 = 25% – 16666 TRX

Fee Zethyr = 14.6%/year

Interest Nexo = 8%/year

so fee should really only have 14.6% – 8% = 6.6% / year with 50,000 TRX it is ~ 9 TRX / day so if you have to wait 3 months to reach the target, the fee will be 810 TRX, while waiting for the target to reach, it will still receive divs from WINK (now around 30%/year)



Strategy #3

  • I used $BTT as collateral to take out a small amount of TRX then convert that to more $WIN token.  As others have suggested, I started with a collateralization ratio of 200%.  If you’re into Wink staking, then this is a no-brainer.  Your daily Windrops are most likely


  • Use that $BTT at to borrow $TRX which in turn can be used to purchase $WIN and begin earning daily #divs.


Strategy #4

  1. Deposit your $WIN
  2. Borrow $TRX
  3. Buy $WIN with the borrowed $TRX at 2.0 to mining $ZTR
  4. Use the divs from Wink to pay interest
  5. Withdraw your divs from 2.0 to take profit



Strategy #5

When trx is pump

  1. Deposit your collateral
  2. Borrow TRX
  3. Swap TRX to USDT
  4. Hold USDT until TRX dump and buy TRX again
  5. Release the loan and take your profit



More Strategies you can find here:

Important Notice:

Each strategy is just a use case of Zethyr Finance and not financial advice. Apply these strategies at your own risk.


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Zethyr Exchange
Zethyr Exchange

A TRON decentralised exchange that distributes 100% revenue to the community

Zethyr Exchange
Zethyr Exchange

Zethyr Exchange is a TRON decentralised exchange that distributes 100% revenue to the community.

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