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In the previous two chapters, I have already put you in the context of my past, and also explained the way the world behaves. From here, I will focus only on explaining how markets work..

he first chapter will be the most essential one, the double-edged weapon, and how the world elites (0.01%), manages to control the masses and continue with the established model and the redistribution of wealth.

The world elites who have established the industrial model of wealth redistribution have two basic ways of manipulating the crowd and changing the axes of the future. We will understand how they do it, together with the functioning of the human brain, and its reaction in front of the different events & feelings, using as guide how a human in prehistoric times react to a lion attack and the loss of his wife or daughter. In some way, the same happens with money.

Sharpening the edges: Fear & Greed

Markets have two ways of manipulating population, they have two ways of cheating people, and they always do the exact opposite of what retail does, in any aspect (remember 99% are always wrong). We will call the manipulators (the people who rule and cheat the masses): The WG, for calling them one way.

The former mentor of the stock market I had many years ago explained me a very interesting analogy:

The stock market is a train that always goes empty, it means, that smart money is interested in getting from point A to point B, stopping in the fewer stations they can, create the most confusion they can do, and try to catch the fewer people to get on the train. As fewer people jump into the train, more money will they win…

Nevertheless, you must understand what they will do when they arrive at the final station, and here the most interesting fact. The WG must play with the induction of fools and they have the double edge weapon to do so: Greed and fear.

Don’t know if you noticed, how many times have you heard: Stock X is up 10%! Invest in it! You will earn a lot of money. Do you realize? The retail investor always go late, and invests once the event has already occurred, it is always delayed, the train has already passed 5 hours ago, and when it gets on the next train it doesn’t have the same destination and blinded by greed or feared by desperation, the WG will win again.

In the same way, the opposite occurs, when something loses value, even if it happens in two different ways:

  1. When something loses value, it appears in the news and newspaper: the X Index loses 9% of his value, and as the retailer always goes late, he sells in panic when the event has already occurred losing money. And blindly by the panic, the stock starts increasing while they look at it with uncertainty and fear. And finally, once the stock is up again at the same previous level, he invests and loses again, expecting that the value will continue increasing.
  2. Also occurs, that the retail investor didn’t assume the loss, it means, entering in the worst possible investment level, blinded by greed, and due to the pain of not assuming the loss, he starts losing and losing money (a loss is much more impacting psychologically than a win). Not assuming that loss supposes the collapse and the total loss of the account and the manipulation & smart money wins again.

In the end, that fool retailer who invested 1000$ at the greed induction phase will sell and retire their remaining 100$ at the panic induction phase. And of course, the followed comment would be.

That’s death and have no value or, “economy is crashing, the world as we know it is going to end”.

Human nature and time

The movements performed must be long and sustained in time. To make it possible for the smart money to win uncountable tons of money, they must carry the markets to its extremes, it means, ridiculous wins or devastating losses must occur, events that supposedly means a change of paradigm and events that induct to the total collapse.

(It will be explained later, but this when I play, I always do it against my human nature and everything I was taught of, and with the edge of who I am now. This events are the best indicator and signal to play)

or all of them, but especially for the remaining fighters always immersed in the market, the WG still has the biggest weapon, “the time”, something that no one is willing to give and something that almost no one can manage.

No matters the time frames, everything belongs to the biggest plan. If you pay attention, always before doing what the WG is planning to do, the previous movement is done in a way they induct the masses to act. Is understandable that for you is hard to figure the meaning of a graph or even understand the movements, but everything has a sense.

 1*R8VxkvxRaHUXb_nvJTQb2Q.png CryptoMarket Cap (from 2018 to 2020)

If you analyze it, look at what I marked. All the movements provoked before oppositely continuing the story are sharped and devastating. Strong movements that induct people to act oppositely.

You must digere the poison and start from Zero if you want to understand the truth behind the scenes.

The hard thing here is, even if I explain you this and you can understand the information, you won’t be able to perceive it, or even able to invest in the best moments because for your brain, is unthinkable and it goes against your human nature to invest money in something you perceive is losing value and decreasing in such an energetic & strong way.

 1*yzsj7AwEkymrfFS5N5IWXQ.png XRP/USD

This is XRP (also known as ripple). This coin belongs to a company that win millions of dollars, has contracts with the biggest banks in the world, and even with countries… Which value it has? Nothing. It also moves with the MarketCap, together with other coins, all of them manipulated in the same way.

I’m not a fan of XRP as many, but it is a great example to show what I do want.

Here you can perceive the biggest expression of manipulation created in history and that I have found.

The remarkable aspect here is the component that I previously mentioned (“the time”), which plays a bigger role, inducting the people to think even of the fundamentals & manipulation, that this is dead as the crypto-market. However, remember what I said:

Don’t believe it is dead just because you can’t hear it, you can’t hear it just because it is not dead.

The new order & point of losing faith

Before arriving at this moment, I have been warning all the people I truly appreciate about what was coming. You probably know their reaction, they laughed in my face, they miss-trusted me…. Of course, without knowing my results in trading until this point.

Ignorance cannot be comprehended.

The remarkable aspect to comment here is the reaction of the masses. When the greed induction occurs, the masses believe that the world is changing, remember what happened in 2018 with crypto.

“Crypto is the future”, “This is going to change the world… That’s why I call it the new world order. The same happened with technological companies and with the overall stock market some months ago. “Amazon is going to be enormous”, “Tesla is going to change the world”, “I invested 200$ in Shopify and now I have 600$”…

You see, the paradigm is always the same. When the greed virus attack peoples brain, they start to believe in the new world order, and again as I said many times, the reality will crush them, as they are unable to understand the world in we live. Destined to lose continuously, they are the wheel of this system.

In another hand, we have the opposite phase, the fear induction. What they do, is when the market is near the bottom, they prepare the sharpest movement possible to induct the masses to sell as they are going to lose everything they have. I decided to call it “The point of losing faith”, as is the moment when the people who still have hope is going to be defeated.

Of course, everything is perfectly tailored as the retailer will sell at that moment (their previous 1000$ that now are 100$) helping to provoke the necessary contrary movement to start changing the edge and start going ahead towards the greed induction phase again.


The biggest man virtue is to understand and able to manage the time. In this world, it has been called patience. That word; at the end means, showing the world the willing to continue even when there is not path to advance.


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This blog is about my personal history. How I learned and became a great trader by understanding the game, fighting uncountable battles and investing all my hours along 4 years.


This blog is about my personal history. How I learned and became a great trader by understanding the game, fighting uncountable battles and investing all my hours along 4 years. I did it by learning to read the code, the algorithms and by comprehending how the smart money manipulate your brain using their weapons and how they control your psychological status.

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