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Throwing myself towards the fire not for real but, in this world

By zero2up | zero2up | 27 Apr 2023

Let me throw myself towards the fire since I'm living in hell at my own graph of life.

Eye to eye
Throw myself towards the fire
my eyes already dropping something
"What a life"
yeah what a life.....but it's not only you
same for them or whoever you can imagine
that is a life.
we all live once
same for me, which makes my time special in my mind
1 day equals 24 hours.
1 hour equals 60 minutes
1 minute equals 60 seconds
You can't go back or go ahead regardless of who you are.

That's something we call it as "common sense".
Now look at the results.
That's why your time matters most to you
also the same for ME.
Let me sell my time to earn money
using my brain or my thoughts or ideas whatever they are.
Because it all depends on me anyway since it's my life.
Same for you too.

That's why I wish you the best luck
please wish me the best of luck too! LOL


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