Sunflower lands ROI (Is it still worth it)

By Ormr5912 | zero to something | 3 Oct 2022

As the grindstone keeps spinning its Ormr back again.


Alright So you got yourself some free crypto from the last post. If not, what are you waiting for? Go check that out then come back. (Free money)


So let's get in to that first game. Sunflower lands is built on polygon network. SFL is a web base farm Sim point and click game. As far as I know the only way to get a farm is from opensea.

I personally got lucky (it pays to network, like I said in my Skills for any grinders toolbox) and a good friend of mine got me in for free.

The cheapest one at the time of writing this is about $2.50. You start off with just 5 spots for your crops with the possibility of up to 22 spots once you feed these cute little goblins their favorite foods. 


Now if you would like to give yourself some boosts to help out a little bit early on I got you.


Nancy scarecrow 


Nancy is nice she will cost you about $3.31 on opensea. The nice thing about this NFT is she give you a boost that cuts your crops grow time by 15%. So for example radishes normally will take 24 hours to grow but Nancy will cut that time down to 20 hours and 24 minutes. 


Easter bunny


I know what a holiday item does for me but I like this one. Bunny cost only around $1 on opeansea so not a bad buy. This little guy will boost your carrot yield by 20% so you will be harvesting 1.2 for every carrot coming to a total of 26.4 for the whole field. So when your just starting out that can help a bit 


Now I will mention there are a few others you can look at getting if you want but I myself just focus on the crops so they are not worth it to me. 


Tunnel mole 


This little mole cost about $2.65 on opensea. He will boost your stone yield by 25%


Woody the beaver 


Woody is the most expensive of the NFTs iv listed on opensea he will run you at about $7.10. Woody will give your wood yield a 20% increase 


Both of those can be helpful if those are resources you are aiming to collect.


So let's do the math here. So for just our farm, Nancy the scarecrow, and Easter bunny we are looking at a start up of just under $7 that's not too bad. So let's get to the important part here ROI 


so the current price of SFL at the time of writing this according to coinmarket cap is $0.11. So to make our money back we would need to earn roughly 65 SFL. Now you could sit there and farm and sell in the in-game shop but that will take you longer here is why.


Ok I'm basing this off the prices I get but your prices might be different. I have reached level 5 in my farming and I grabbed the green thumb skill which boosted my prices by 5%.


With that being said, at this time I can sell one radish which takes 20.5 hours to grow for 0.1246875 SFL so it would take about 1800 radishes if I'm doing my math right. So that would take you filling the whole field for 82 days to break even. 


But do we really want it to take that long? I know I don't and if you're here you don't either.


So here comes the next option: ok hang on tight because we have more math on the way. Sunflower lands just got set up on niftyswap. So to do this you will grow your crops like normal but you will need to do a resync and head over to the goblin village and use the storage to withdraw your crops they do take 30% when you do this that's where the extra math comes in. So you would need to grow about 400 radishes and withdraw to your wallet you would have 280 left.


Current price on niftyswap for a radish is .3455 SFL.


So let's break this down ok. So 1 radish will cost you .0875 running you at 35 SFL. After selling on niftyswap you would have 96.74 SFL. So you would see 61.74 SFL just a couple short of that even point. Doing it this way you are only farming for 19 days. So with this method you can start to see profit after a month.


I hope you guys found all this information useful and if you did please think about leaving a tip or checking out one of my referral links below. Anything helps keep this journey going.


"Remember, it's never too late to start your grind" Ormr 







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zero to something

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