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By Ormr5912 | zero to something | 2 Oct 2022

Ormr here back to the grindstone once again.


Today let us talk about how you can start your grind with free money off the internet.





Coinbase can be a useful resource. Earn free crypto to use for start-up cost for some of the projects you want to jump into. So how can you start earning from this? That is the important part. It happens like magic.


Coinbase earn is a platform where you watch a few short videos on some of the projects they have added to their exchange. After the video you take a simple quiz and get rewarded in the token that the lesson was about. All you have to do is to have access to this program is get your account verified with your ID. Coinbase earn is available in quite a few countries.



This has been a great help to me and can be for you too. I'm not sure how coinbase tracks how much you have made if it's from what they have available for rewards. As of right now I have earned seventeen dollars from coinbase according to my account.


Another thing you can do is take your rewards and swap them to tokens that gain interest. So you're earning more free money. Right now coinbase has eight tokens you can earn interest on. Highest paying interest right now is Algorand with an APY of 5.75%. 


I truly hope this information helps you as you get started. Feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to help you out. If coinbase is something you want to use please use my referral link I have below. It cost you nothing and it help me out greatly thank you 





Freecash is a website and mobile app. They have a list of games that you can complete tasks for to earn coins to trade for money. There are a few options for withdrawal, like paypal, bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. What I do is withdraw my winnings to coinbase as bitcoin. So far I have been able to pull about $30 so far from free cash. Same as coinbase they do offer a referral program so again if you want to support this journey and freecash sounds like something you want to use, I do ask to sign up through my referral code below it costs you nothing.



Freecash does have surveys you can complete for reward coins as well. But there are many strategies you can use to earn the most out of freecash.


Honeygain/ jumptask 



Honeygain is one that's more of a set it and forget it kind of app. If you're ok with your data being tracked, let's be honest if you're on the internet it already is. Why not get paid for it? Honeygain does just that. You can have up to ten devices connected to one account increasing your earning potential. You can also switch it over to jumptask which is what I do and it gives you a 10% boost. With jumptask you earn their JMPT token which is part of the binance blockchain. I will normally make about $0.50 in a week to two weeks depending on the internet traffic the app records and that is with only two devices connected. I withdraw directly to my metamask where I can then swap my JMPT over to BNB. Like the other two programs I have shared, honeygain does have a referral program as well. Right now if you use my code you can get a $5 starting bonus to your account.



Now that you have a few different ways to get that start-up let's look at a few projects we can get into and how to earn in them next time till next time.


"Remember, it's never too late to start your grind." - Ormr 


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I'm a gamer, husband, and father of 4. I joined the journey of blockchain gaming in August 2021 that's see where it goes.

zero to something
zero to something

lets start this grind together. I'm here to show you what has worked for me. in my journey I grinded from all the assets that I have and the projects that I'm in. so we are going to go through what I have done to get here and where I am going so please follow me on this journey.

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