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By Ormr5912 | zero to something | 10 Oct 2022

Welcome back guys. It's Ormr here let's go over something everyone can try. 




Scholarships are a great way to get into a project. You put in no money to do this either. All it is you are working with assets owned by another person and they split the earnings with you. Some can be 70/30 others 50/50 and there are some that are split three ways. It all depends on the scholarship program and the project it's built for.


I personally got myself into a scholarship program for Genopets with the guys over at Guildfi. I work one of their habitats harvesting KI the in game token for Genopets. I set this harvest every 24 hours. I always do a 14 day harvest because it requires the least amount of energy to start. So after 14 days I can claim the harvest and there is a 50/50 split. 


I have been able to gain about $5 a week from this. With that I just bought myself a plot of land in Million on Mars. We will talk about that game another day. What I'm getting at here is it may not seem like a lot of gain but it cost me nothing to get other than walking around banking the steps. 


This is where that networking skill I talked about in a past post comes in. (Skills for any grinders toolbox) I never really thought I could make money with someone else's assets till the guys in DCG (another great guild) told me about it and suggested I look around. 


So if you're looking for a way into web3 think about scholarships. I mean what do you have to lose? 


"Remember, it's never too late to start your grind. Ormr

Help support me try these different services and projects everything goes to the grind thanks guys.




Million on mars



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I'm a gamer, husband, and father of 4. I joined the journey of blockchain gaming in August 2021 that's see where it goes.

zero to something
zero to something

lets start this grind together. I'm here to show you what has worked for me. in my journey I grinded from all the assets that I have and the projects that I'm in. so we are going to go through what I have done to get here and where I am going so please follow me on this journey.

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