The Sandbox - First public land sale, partners with CoinMarketCap for NFT Heroes - Wave 1

The Sandbox have officially announced the first public land sale since emerging from Presale  4.3. 

The sale will occur on February 11th - 1PM - UTC

Announced as "wave 1" of "several" to come this won't be the last of the public sales, with more to occur this year.

- Sandbox have teamed up with Coin Market Cap to offer exclusive 6 exclusive NFTs up for grabs.
- All LAND available for this sale will be Premium.

- 1200 Premium LAND will be available direct on the Sandbox website.

- Each Premium plot will include 2x exclusive CoinMarketCap NFTs + 5 Epic superhero assets.

- A 6th NFT will also be up for grabs after Wave 1 has completed in a "bonus event", see further below for more info.

- 9 ESTATES will be available via the auction option on Open Sea. The 9 estates available are: 7x Medium and 2x Large.

- Each estate will come with 6 premium CoinMarketCap NFTs.

- The auctions will occur on 11th Feb 1PM UTC and close after 2 days.

- Premium land will be 4,683 SAND each

- The current price of SAND at $0.09 that's $427.76 per plot of LAND, this may seem a lot but compared to other sales (pre-sale) you get 2 extra NFTs which from current sales on OpenSea could be lucrative. As for the Bonus event I mention further down though costly if you'd like to try grab CoinMarketCaptain.

- As detailed above and the image below the estates will be auctioned on Open Sea. 

See image from the official Sandbox website.

- The layout of the CoinMarketCap location is given away in the marketing as below.

- Zoom in on the close up you can see CMC land will be on the top right of the map which has yet to be updated
CMC Land


Bonus Event
To get the 6th NFT a story of 5 heroes spread across the CMC land if all 5 obtained by one user (wallet) they can obtain the CoinMarketCaptain NFT.

- Note you will need to buy 3 LANDS to get all 5 heroes for a chance (Not ideal for those on a budget)

- You will need all 5 NFTs (Brawler, Sage, Liquifier, Hothead and Protector)

- Once you have all 5 after February 18th you can claim CoinMarketCaptain

If you'd like to create an account and have a chance to buy land in this sale please if you'd like to use my referral link: Sign up here!

Here's all the official announcement links to see more detailed info: Medium

Signup and get 10% commission kickback.

Coinbase Earn invites:
Earn up to $43 BAND/ Earn up to $50 COMP / Earn up to $50 EOS / Earn up to $46 XLM

The Sandbox:
Own land, develop your own game and characters.

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