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Save on BTC fees - Binance adds support for BTC SegWit deposits

In the early hours of today (05:07am GMT) Binance gave an early Christmas present, the gift of faster and cheaper deposits into their BTC wallets.

Those of you wishing to deposit your BTC into your Binance wallet can now do so using SegWit (Segregated Witness) protocol or Bech32 if you’re more accustomed to that.   

Binance has supported SegWit withdrawals prior today’s announcement but now you can enjoy saving on fees and time restraints depositing into your account.  

The announcement does come with its usual word of warning and reminder to educate yourself before sending all of your great great grandkids BTC over the wrong protocol, so make sure to check out the new link below with all the info you need and thank you Binance.   

Binance link here: SegWit FAQ

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