CryptoCats Reborn

Over 350 ETH in sales so far - CryptoCats Reborn NFTs

That's right, over 350 ETH in sales have been made already on the CryptoCats Reborn website with the highest sale of 1 cat at 19.99 ETH, at the time $34,000! 

If you didn't read my original post on CryptoCats Reborn I recommend reading below first DYOR. 
CryptoCats Reborn NFTs - Win a cat! + How to buy your own.

The cat in question if you're interested by the way was:
#CryptoCats #0 "The Yoko Cat" on the 0x19 contract.
"This cat is part of the 1st release of 12 "originals" cats.  Only exists on two contracts but was never found on the last known version."


Here's a quick roundup of sales so far below, still plenty more on both contracts to grab at low prices. Make sure to check Discord for updates on bids and discussions.

Contract Details

Contract: 0x9508008227b6b3391959334604677d60169EF540
Date: Created 5 days before the official contract

Current sales stats on the site:
Number of sales : 36
Total volume : 36.48 ETH
Average price : 1.01 ETH
Highest sale : 3.14 ETH

Contract: 0x19c320b43744254ebdBcb1F1BD0e2a3dc08E01dc
Date: Created 3 seconds before the official contract

Current sales stats on the site:
Number of sales : 195
Total volume : 314.3 ETH
Average price : 1.61 ETH
Highest sale : 19.99 ETH


Whats new on the website?

- On 0x19c contract users now have the ability to place a bid on cats not up for sale to see if any interest, sales of over 20 ETH have been generated now with this feature.

- Users can withdraw bids at any time
- Of course if they wish users can purchase the cat at the listed price if on sale
- More functionality with searching will be introduced very soon on the site, currently you can select "Punks" to view that category of cat.
- Devs look to introduce bid function on the 0x950 contract

You can join the Discord server and find all sorts of information regarding cats available, sold and ways to wrap your cat to sell on OpenSea or keep it unwrapped to sell on their site. Join here.

CryptoCat Reborn competition, winner announced.

Enjoy your blockchain exploring!

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