How to - add multiple Binance Smart Chain networks to Metamask

With so many new staking methods available through Binance Smart Chain network at times the default network (Mainnet 1) can become congested resorting in issues with connecting your wallet or balance values for tokens not updating as frequently or reliably when traffic is high. 

Thankfully Metamask offers the ability to add multiple trusted networks so you can easily switch between them whilst using the wallet to check your token balances or perhaps to switch network before using the Metamask browser to stake on the BSC.

Note: As always never trust what you're reading as the absolute truth, always question the source and check official website to confirm. 

See below steps on how to add a custom network. Screenshots are from the iOS version of the app but they should be similar throughout all browser extensions / apps for Metamask. Some parts I've had to remove or hide. 

1: Open Metamask and select the burger menu (yes that's right the 3 horizontal lines) on the top left of the screen to view the main menu and select 'Settings'.


2: Now you're in the Settings menu select 'Networks'.



3: Now you can see the the current available networks in your wallet. Select 'Add Network'.



4: You will then see similar to below with all the fields empty though. As there are 3 BSC networks we will start with adding 'BSC Mainnet 1' with the following below details.

Note: For network name you can add whatever you like here but make it clear which network number it represents for future ref.

Enter below details: 

Name: BSC Mainnet 1
RPC Url:
Chain: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL: 

Hit Save.



5: You should now see the same screen as Step 3, select Add network and Repeat step 4 but make sure to insert the data now for Network 2 as in the screenshot below.

Tip: So all that is different is RPC URL now has '2' in the URL and make sure to name the network as 'BSC Mainnet 2'.



6: You guessed right the same as step 4 again just change the network name to 3 and the RPC URL to include 3 as in the image below then select save.



7: You should now see under RPC Networks all of the 3 BSC networks you have just added. Pat yourself on the back. 



8: Now you can head to the 'Wallet' section in Metamask and select the top section section in the app as in the red below.

9: You will then see all available networks to switch to including the networks you have just added.

Tip: Remember you're only switching networks here so if you panic your ETH (ERC20) tokens are now missing just hit the top menu again in step 8 and switch back to Ethereum. 



See example wallet below is switched to BSC Mainnet 2 displaying available BNB and SXP tokens. 



More tutorials coming relating to BSC staking, using BNB in Metamask and more.
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial, feedback welcome. 

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