Free Crypto Part 2: Presearch

By Zeph | Ze Finance | 27 Mar 2021

Free crypto, what’s the catch?

Want some cryptocurrency, but aren’t willing or able to invest? Maybe you’re broke, maybe you can’t stomach the risk, maybe you’re too young, maybe you just don’t have access to a platform that allows you to purchase any – or maybe you’re already all in and just want more.

Whatever the reason, we are writing a series of articles to share some recommended platforms for you to earn free crypto. We have vetted these recommendations to make sure they are:

(1) Truly free. Okay, you’ll need a phone or computer, and you’ll need access to internet and electricity, but otherwise free.

(2) Relatively low effort. For example, we would not consider delivering pizza and getting tipped some Bitcoin a “free” method – that’s called a job!

(3) Transparent. There are many predatory schemes out there, so we make sure to only share platforms that are 100% above board. We check that these platforms are clear on how you earn crypto and how you can actually withdraw/cash out. Note that most of them have minimum withdrawal limits, because there are costs to transferring the types of crypto they give out.

Now, let’s be clear. These methods won’t make you rich. You’d likely be better off working extra hours or investing your money. But you might already be doing that, plus these methods are generally very low effort, and a quick and easy way to dip your toe into the crypto waters or supplement your portfolio.

Search with Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized, privacy-centric search engine. This means when you use Presearch to search, you retain all rights to your information, Presearch will not track or store any of your data, unlike most popular search engines. Presearch search results are generally very good, and it’s particularly handy for pulling up information about cryptocurrencies!


If that’s not good enough, with every search query, you can earn a small amount of PRE tokens, up to a total of 8 PRE per day. You’ll just need to sign up for an account, which takes a few short seconds.

Whether you just do a few searches on Presearch or replace your usage of Google/Bing/DuckDuckGo altogether, this is an easy way to start earning some PRE tokens. This makes Presearch one of our favorites – it’s so easy you barely have to change your everyday behavior, and you keep your searches private as an added bonus.

At current prices, your daily earnings of 8 PRE would be just over $0.80 USD, a solid amount for something you would do everyday anyway. But if you're interested in crypto, chances are you're also excited by the upside potential – there's a chance any PRE you earn now may be worth considerably more later.

Refer to Presearch

If that’s not enough, you can refer others to Presearch, and both you and the person you refer will earn 25 free PRE tokens (as of the date this was published), as long as the person you referred uses Presearch actively. At the moment, using Presearch actively means earning 50 PRE tokens through searches and being active 30 days after sign-up – once that happens, both accounts can claim the 25 free PRE tokens.

If you’d like to join Presearch and get 25 free PRE tokens, feel free to use our referral link:


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