Free Crypto Part 1: Brave Browser

By Zeph | Ze Finance | 12 Apr 2021

Free crypto, what’s the catch?

So you want to earn some crypto on the side, but you’re short on cash or you just don’t have a good way to buy. That’s okay, we did the research for you and identified a number of reliable methods to earn (a little bit of) free crypto. We made sure that these methods are:

(1) Free. Crucially, you don’t need to put in any money to earn it – that would just be interest (or gambling).

(2) Low effort. For example, we would not consider delivering pizza and getting tipped some Bitcoin a “free” method – that’s called a job!

(3) Transparent. We make sure these platforms clearly and simply explain how you earn and how you can withdraw – a platform that makes it nearly impossible to withdraw is most likely a scam. Most still have minimum withdrawal limits, because transferring these types of crypto is not free.

Remember, these are ways to give you a taste of crypto, or passively earn some extra on the side – but hopefully you’ll find the low reward is worth the low effort.

Browse with Brave

The Brave Browser is a privacy-centric web browser that has a built-in ad blocker. Functionally, it is nearly identical to Chrome (both are based on the open-source Chromium software), but with a few key advantages: (1) built-in ad blocker, (2) does not track your data, and (3) lets you earn crypto while you browse!

If you turn ads on, Brave ads will occasionally show either on the “New Tab” screen or as a native notification (for example, on Windows, it will be a standard Windows notification, on Android it will be a normal app notification). The ads are innocuous, no crazy pop-ups, sounds, or videos – just simple text in the notifications or text plus image on the occasional new tab. This is what a Brave ad might look like:


Every time an ad pops up, you will receive a small amount of Basic Attention Token (BAT). Because Brave automatically blocks other ads, these are the only ads you see – and you get paid for seeing them. The BAT you earn adds up over time, especially if you browse the internet all day!

BAT and How It’s Used

BAT is an Ethereum-based token which, as the name suggests, is intended to reward people for their attention. Brave rewards users for paying attention to ads, and then users are also able to tip BAT to valuable content creators across the Internet as a way of thanking them for their work. The usage of both Brave and BAT is increasing rapidly, so the BAT you earn could very well be worth a lot more in the future.


BAT that you earn is tracked and pending until your monthly payment date, at which point it is deposited in your browser’s “wallet”. This wallet is tied to your browser, but you can link it to an Uphold wallet (or create a new one), which will allow you to withdraw and trade your BAT. While Uphold is the only option right now, Gemini integration is rolling out shortly – content creators already have access to a Gemini wallet, so non-creators can expect to have the option soon as well.819a18320df8c3fed0924cdae41956f103b68b5e6a733597bef8cfa92a2ee242.png

Maximize Your Earnings

To maximize your earnings, you can go to the Brave Rewards Settings, and adjust your ad frequency to the maximum (up to 5 ads per hour). Even with this setting, you aren’t guaranteed to get the maximum number of ads, since it can also depend on your location – some countries have fewer advertisers so you may see fewer ads and not earn as much. Note that clicking on an ad does NOT increase how much you earn, so only click on the ads if you are interested in them.


Not only can you earn on your desktop, you can earn simultaneously on your phone or other devices. However, iOS devices unfortunately do NOT earn BAT, due to Apple’s rules – though the Brave Browser’s built-in ad blocker is still very handy and makes it better than many other iOS browsers.

Earn as a Contributor

If that’s not enough, you can become a verified contributor, and then you can earn even more BAT when others tip you. This could be your website, your Youtube, your Publish0x blog, or even your Reddit account.

Tipping is seamlessly integrated into Brave, you can see how to tip Wikipedia, a verified creator (and a worthy recipient of your tips if there ever was one!):


Whereas previously you might have to set up and bug your visitors with ads, affiliate links, Patreon, or sponsorships, now Brave and BAT allow your visitors to directly reward you when they enjoy your content. So create good, meaningful content, and you can earn BAT from Brave Browser users around the world!


How has your experience been using Brave?

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