My Dream

By Zeshiikhan | Zeeshan Ali | 4 Jan 2021

I have a dream.A dream which is reality.A dream with purity of truths and loyality of being loyal.A dream to straight path for a country.Yes,I have a dream to give my country honour.I have a dream to go forward.I want to plant trees not tease.I want to get respect which is not for me but my country.A dream having greenery all around.There is trash everywhere ,needed to be thrown but where.Trash even,can't be thrown but can be hide under the layer of the earth.My politics is the worst.My politicians are the worst.Everything needs to be polished.My laws are broken.My roads are destroyed.The only solution is sensibility.My doctors are depressed.My lawyers are liars.They need a way to root out their weakness.My countrybis burning into the fire of own created trash.It need trees which could hug the smoke.My books are torn.My future is broken.My path is blocked.My dreams are interrupted when I see my country being distroyed by the enemies.My soldiers are strong but always.My economy is down.My pocket is blank.I need to sleep but not so deep to see the dreams till the will is still not fulfilled.My dream is sudden broken and I'm afraid of lost my country.I'm going to far from the path of paradise.Yes,my country is hell now.It need to be like snow falling on the tress and make it white.This white is the path which I need.This whiteness is the clearity of hearts.Our hearts need the blood which runs in our mind while dreams.I want everything without hurdles.The hurdles are the enemies of our country.

I wish my dream could be no more.I wish I could be no more to see the dream again.

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I'm student and belong to a poor family.

Zeeshan Ali
Zeeshan Ali

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