How to Build Wealth In Upland

The Newbie's Guide to Building Wealth in Upland--The Best Play-To-Earn Metaverse Game in the Meta-Universe!

By Bleurain | Zarinah's Guides | 30 Apr 2022

        Most new players joining Upland (the most innovative virtual property flipping, NFT-based game around) want the answer to the question: how can players build wealth in Upland?  Even experienced players toss this question around from time to time because like the world, Upland is forever evolving--and, the opportunities to build wealth in Upland seems to continually be evolving as well.  That being said, there may be several answers to the question, "How can players build wealth in Upland?" Different players may suggest a variety of strategies, so all readers should do their own research to find the approach that works for them.  I have learned that a simple way to remember the ways to build wealth in Upland is to recall Upland’s motto: PLAY--WIN--CONNECT.

  • PLAY:  The great thing about Upland is that you can play to earn!  The first step in playing to build wealth is to buy properties. From there, players can earn selling their properties for earnings in UPX or USD, collecting UPX bonuses by completing collections, and also by collecting earnings through send fees--fees collected when other players send to a player’s property.  Flipping properties for a greater return is a skilled strategy that new players should not take lightly if they want to build their wealth in Upland.  Learning to use tools, such as, to find the value of properties sold on the secondary market in Upland is key to a player's success in building wealth through playing. This is because knowing the value of properties is essential to pricing properties to sell for a profit.  Earning extra UPX from the property's monthly yield is a way to build wealth in Upland as well.  The chances of doing so are greater when the properties held are a part of collections. The collection properties' yield earnings are multiplied by the collection bonus multipliers, and over time, players can use their accumulated earnings to purchase more properties. Collecting UPX through send fees is another way, albeit a slow way, to earn extra UPX in Upland. While it may be tempting for new players to set their send fees as high as possible, max send fees are actually a deterrent for many, especially treasure hunters.  Due to the same, I suggest new players set their send fees in the mid range to earn extra UPX through accumulated visits.  


  • WIN:  Another awesome thing about Upland is that the game offers players an abundance of opportunities to win UPX and other items of value!  An ongoing way for players to win UPX is through treasure hunting.  Everyday, players are stocked with at least 3 sends and provided a free treasure hunt spawn.  Treasure hunting is not only great for winning UPX and/or Spark, but treasure hunting is also a great pastime for Upland players who enjoy gaming.  Other ways to win earnings in Upland are offered frequently.  Every week, Upland hosts a variety of fun-filled challenges that provide players of all levels the chance to participate and potentially win UPX, Block Explorers, and/or Spark.  Winning UPX is an obvious way to build wealth in Upland, but some players may not understand how winning Block Explorers or Spark can assist players in building wealth within Upland.  Here’s the deal:  both Block Explorers and Spark are hot commodities in the world of Upland. Block Explorers can be sold in the Block Explorer Metaventure shops in Upland for a good amount of UPX or USD. Spark can be rented out to other players for UPX or USD through some social maneuvering within the Discord channels. That brings us to the third way to build wealth in Upland. 


  • CONNECT:  Upland’s Official Discord server offers players a way to connect and work together to build wealth in Upland.  While in-game communication is on Upland’s roadmap, Upland’s Discord server is currently the best way for players to communicate with each other and make deals.  Players like Uplando, who owns a Block Explorer Metaventure, can be reached on Upland’s Discord channel, and through such connections, players can discuss placing their Block Explorers and other assets for sale through consignment. Additionally, players can find other players who have set up Spark rental businesses and begin building passive income via renting out spark.  Upland also plans to have a Spark exchange in game eventually.  Finally, players can discover even more opportunities to build wealth within Upland by connecting with the various Upland entrepreneurs, such as those who sell shares to their companies and pay out earnings in UPX.

         In sum, the simplified way to build wealth in Upland is to play--win--connect!  Join Upland now with my referral link to start with 6000 UPX!

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