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We are going to another Share Your Battle event, this time the card chosen was the Goblin Psychic, an amazing common card of the green color, it is one of the most popular cards in the game, I'm thinking of doing an art for another splinterlands event, green is one of my favorite colors and I have a good arsenal of cards to use, I had no difficulty to win, I even tried a very different strategy that ended up working.




The Goblin Psychic is a green common card, has the Heal Tank ability since lvl 1 and can acquire the Affliction, Silence and Dispel abilities at higher lvls, becoming one of the best supports in the game, the price follows its fame becoming the most expensive common card in the Chaos Legion collection, currently costing $0.32 in the normal version and $4.45 in the gold version.


My Team





Green is my favorite color, I love the new combo of magic provided by the new summoner, I don't like to leave it full magic, and whenever I have the opportunity I put something with different damage, this time I took advantage of the buff that gave sneak to all meele cards and put the Grund at the end to absorb some damage and hit the enemy backline hard.

OBSIDIAN - My current favorite summoner, has a good synergy with the green magic cards.

MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN - My tank, has the amazing ability to Taunt, making your cards very secure in your backline.

GOBLIN PSYCHIC - The star of the match, one of the best supports in the game, has the skill Heal Tank that helps your tank a lot.

WOOD NYMPH - has the Heal Tank ability and works together with the goblin to keep the Slipspawn alive longer.

VENARI SPELLSMITH - Entered to complete the team, I'm always in doubt between her and Elven Mystic, but the venari can remove a strong buff.

GRUND - This is a brute that hits twice thanks to her ability, she has a very strong damage even at lvl 1, normally I use her as a tank, but this time I wanted to test something different and put her in the last positions hoping to absorb some sneaks damage.



The Battle


Round 1 - The round starts with both sides attacking hard, my tank almost fell but was saved by the support duo, soon after I managed to defeat the opponent tank with a strong combo of magic, reaching the end of the first round my tank and the second tank of the opponent are eliminated from the game.


Round 2 - The round starts well balanced, the Grund with sneak applied enough damage and knocked down the samurai and the spy of the opponent putting me at the advantage of the match, at the end of the round the Elven Defender is defeated.


Round 3 - The victory came in this round, after two strong attacks by the Grund in the previous round only the Kobold was left and could do nothing against a strong magic combo, it was just waiting for the end of the game.



Usually battles with this amount of mana take longer, but this match only took 3 rounds, the combined healing of driad and goblin helped a lot, the grund hit almost all hits and obliterated several cards of the opponent.
The green deck is very strong and always has good options for any problem that may arise, it is no wonder that the green cards in this edition are among the most expensive, the Goblin, Grund and Obsidian are the most expensive of their rarity.

Thanks again for the opportunity to be here posting and participating in these events like Share Your Battle.

Have a nice day!😁


Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: Zallin Vs. Bandau726


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