Rollercoin: Online Crypto Mining Simulator UPDATES!!

By YeXub | Youthful_Exuberance | 25 Oct 2021

I have been on a journey to see how much one year of Rollercoin mining will profit in crypto. So far, I am 3 months into my mining journey. Rollercoin was originally only a Bitcoin mining simulator. Now, for Season 2: Dark Star they have added BNB to their BTC, ETH, and DOGE mining capabilities. 


TODAY -- begins double (2X) mining rewards on BNB. This special lasts for the next week or so according to the recent Rollercoin tweet

Rollercoin has social media so feel free to check out their Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, or YouTube accounts for more information on the game. 

To get started on mining with Rollercoin and earning real crypto without the electricity costs use my referral link: 


So far, I have been using Rollercoin without transferring any crypto to purchase the in-game miners there. Without taking any costs, I have made approximately 2.48USD worth of ETH and more of DOGE and some BTC. That number is only increasing, with minimal effort on my part.  While Rollercoin does not seem to be as lucrative as other crypto games this one requires the least effort out of all the other games I have tried. 

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