Rollercoin: Online Mining Simulator

Rollercoin: Easy & Free Passive Income Game

By YeXub | Youthful_Exuberance | 26 Aug 2021

Rollercoin is a mining simulator game!

In-game you have a loft where you play games for electricity to support your in-game mining. For those who are on a passive income journey to financial independence, Rollercoin presents a simple, practically barrier-free method of earning passive income while only allocating an hour of your time. Without sending a dime to my Rollercoin wallet I plan to build a successful mining enterprise. An alternative method of building a successful mining simulation (and earn real cryptocurrencies) is to send USDT, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, or Ethereum to your Rollercoin wallet and trade for Rollercoin, the in-game currency for the Rollercoin game. With a budget of $150 you could buy a rack for your virtual room and equip that rack with multiple miners to mine either DOGE, BTC, ETH, or Rollercoin.



I started playing Rollercoin’s minigames last month and have earned less than 5cents total, without spending anything. Here is my review of how to successfully create passive income from this game:



First, to start you should try to play many games to boost your mining power. On the games page you can preview how much power winning each game will earn you. Typically, there are two games that give tons of electricity, and three others that give a moderate amount, with the remainder giving a minimal boost. Check before you start playing to decide which games you will be playing each day. As you play, you will receive computer upgrades for your in-game setup. It is imperative that you log in and play at least one game per day to keep the upgraded computer. Each game only takes about 1 minute to complete so after you reach an electricity rate you are comfortable with Rollercoin will not take up too much of your time. To review: Play as much as possible to gain an early advantage at the start (maybe dedicate 2-3 hours, or however many you can play per day at the start) à purchase a rack à purchase miners à play daily to keep computer upgrade àwait for an amount that you can send out of your in-game wallet to a hot or cold wallet.


Rollercoin also has an Event Pass that can be obtained by earning EXP for completing tasks, like visiting their Facebook, Twitter, etc. Shooting for Events and Sales is a good strategy to maximize your earning potential as you face less costs by taking advantage of these events.



Overall, Rollercoin is a fun and easy way to earn crypto – perfect if you have kids with time on their hands or if you have free time yourself. I will continue to play daily and will report my yearly earnings next July.


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